MIDI Maestro App Beta Thread: BEAST-MODE=ON

I use an RC202 that ideally I’d like controlled from the MM. Right now it’s acting all sorts of funky, doesn’t seem to like something the MM is doing, which I’m thinking has to do with latching, so there needs to be a way to differentiate latch and momentary commands.

Also, why are all the BB commands not just available in presets? There are some I can’t seem to replicate, and that I’d love to plop down (like the hits) on my own custom command set.

you can set the BB song via midi, but the caveat is that it goes by the existing order of the folders and songs… so if a song moves, you’ll have to manually change all your presets! there was an effort to store the midi id in the song file, and be able to assign a midi id to each folder, but it was never finished… it was going to take a bunch of work!

one thing you can do though… i use Bandhelper, which is awesome for keeping lyrics, set lists, etc. It can change stuff via midi, so when you select a song in your set list, have IT set the BB song, AND the helix! that keeps it song-centric, and easier to edit in the future

@floodstage and @aashideacon, if you didn’t get your answers here, your questions might be better asked on a thread NOT about the Beta MM app. Good luck, hope you found your answers!

And then?

Any word on the new Beta app? I got nothing but time…


@Robin_Choo had an interesting idea that I agree should find its way into the app:

Instead of having to press the mode button behind the unit and then press the required mode. With this, we will be able to switch to another mode fast during performance.

Adding it to the list.

Another good idea:

Hey guys, I’m new to the whole Midi stuff so I’m having some difficulty with the app. I’m trying to just move functionality of the buttons. For example, I’d like the start button to be on the bottom row. So I’m in the app and can type in the information for top line and bottom line but I don’t see where I can enter the command. The “Main Function” has no fillable field. Can anybody give me some direction?

Two and a half weeks since you said Google was holding you up, @iajrz Irving. Any word on the new version?

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On my Android phone I can’t see the whole screen so I am unable to create commands as the buttons are not showing. This is problem with Android as there is no consistency between different devices. It is like Java, write once, test everywhere. What device was used in the video?

As PC’s all have Bluetooth would it not be possible to use visual studio to write a C# or VB.Net apllication.

The IOS version will be more consistent I will wait for it to be released.

Meanwhile I will test visual studio for Bluetooth connectivity.

Can anyone share what they have been able to do with the app? I’m patiently waiting for the iOS release

Not a lot Android is a waste of time, too many differences between devices. I too am waiting for IOS so I can use my iPad.

So I just noticed last night on my android that I could scroll down to see the buttons. Yeah, dumb but I just never noticed that I could before. Maybe this is the same for you.

For the beta testers, there is a fresh update in the Google Play store. Might be available to the public, I’m not sure. Search for Singular Sound.

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The MM App now supports CCs, PCs, Notes (on and off), and Pitch bends.

Also, a reminder that the MIDI handbook is NOT comprehensive. If you’re programming and want a command that is not listed in the handbook (like “PREVIOUS PART” for example), you’ll want to access the Excel spreadsheet, here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16cNt2v0RL5adPzcpQASpr0PcTM8iEyBzbF6eOaz3j1o/edit#gid=488842810.

Happy programming!


@BeatBuddy_Support, @iajrz, @David, @JaredSmythe:

Three questions:

  1. Is there an instructional video or documentation on how we toggle the entire bank based on one button? For example, I notice in the video that the button functions all change depending on whether the BB is running (i.e., you’ve pressed the Start button on the MM).

  2. Is there a press-and-hold functionality, and if so, how do we program it?

  3. Does TOGGLE mean different commands on Press and release (so, maybe start transition on press, complete transition on release), or does it mean a Press-release toggles the button into a different mode?

It’s all starting to get very exciting – but I need to more info from you!


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I get a problem when i try to add a command. The app switches to the find command screen which is empty because no commands have been created yet. It looks like the are 2 buttons down the bottom, the screen does not scroll. I am using a ZTE phone.

What are the steps to create a new command? Am i doing it correctly?



To create a command, Press the cheeseburger icon on top left, select My Commands, then press the big blue plus sign on the bottom left. Create the action you want, ensure you give it an easy to read name, and then press Save at the top. To edit, afterwards press the Square with a pen icon. You will then be able to select this command when you press Add in the button menu.


  1. In the button screen, use the redirect function to choose which bank (1-10) you want to switch to when the button is pressed. You should create a button on that bank to get back to the initial bank.

  2. No press and hold function, yet.

  3. Toggle is a useful feature, I use it to switch a amp function on and off. Press button, it sends the on CC command, press button again, it sends the off CC command, press button 3rd time it sends the on CC command and so on.

Great – thanks!

Toggle swaps after a full press/release cycle, yes?

The toggle swaps on the button push, it sends 1x iteration of command, holding it down has no further effect, button release also has no effect (apart from letting you press the button again :slight_smile: )