Manager upgrade ETA???

Is there any word on when the Beat Buddy manager upgrade will be released?
I don’t know if I should request the beta or wait a little longer,

you def want upgrade until it happens :wink:

“Maybe late this week but it could be later this month ;)”; meanwhile, check your forum Inbox.

We should have an updated beta BBManager this Tuesday/Wednesday, with the autopilot feature included. Typically we release the beta version to whoever requests it in a PM or email, and if within 1-2 weeks there are no serious issues found by any users or us then we release it as the official version. So, if everything goes as planned and is on schedule and no issues are found, I would estimate that approximately two weeks from now we should have the official version ready for public release. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick replies :):slight_smile:


Just a little update for everyone in this thread -

We had it ready, but we needed to revisit a few things that we found (minor things) so just a little bit more time. We are getting this out to you guys as fast we can, I promise! :slight_smile:

Just a little reminder, anyone can PM me or @persist anytime for the latest beta version, or alternatively email me for it as well:

What is the latest Beta version number?


Thanks for the update .

I was wondering what has happened to the promised manager upgrade?
I have tried emailing for the beta version with no response - holiday time perhaps?

Yeah, same here :). Sounds pretty exciting with the new stuff they’ve got planned though :smiley: .

Supposed to be any day now. I hope it is before my show this Thursday! It would make my life that so
much easier because I plan to play an entire set with my BB.

Do you know you can edit parts in BB mgr 16.0.1. by right clicking ‘edit’ on any midi in the BBmgr program ?

A few things that I hope are fixed with the upcoming Beta and eventual official release is to have the ability to export a song part or OP into a stand alone midi file for editing. And a fix for the drum kit editing and creating. There are so many times I have wanted to pull a fill from the beats or edit another members resource that I’ve downloaded and just couldn’t. Is there a beta version out that fixes this and will the finished version correct these issues?

Hi, Jim. I think you can already export a song (with just the drums) to an editable midi file. Did you mean an OPB that can be exported to an editable midi file? If the latter case, I agree with you. It would be nice to have separate bass and drums tracks that can be edited.

I also agree with you on having a functional drum set editor.

Don’t know if the next beta will completely address these issues but the developers are aware of the issues.

Here’s the latest:

BBManager version 1.6.3 is ready!

It is a stable version of all the beta we released recently and it includes an auto-update feature that should enable you to be automatically updated to the upcoming version. Note that in this version, we have excluded the autopilot that was in previous beta versions. as we are revising it to a different design! We just need to test a few more things before this becomes an official release. But whoever wants it can request it and get it.

[B]If anybody reading this has a beta version from before July 7th, or if you see the autopilot feature enabled (looks like a little numerical value right below the ‘x’ to the right of each song part) then please PM/email either me /B or @persist for the latest one! This is really important since this version has the auto-update in it.

We are working on a much better design for the autopilot that is a lot more intuitive, powerful, and most importantly simpler to use than the one we originally thought of.

More updates within the next 3-4 weeks! Feel free to PM/email us anytime you have questions/concerns or need help with anything! :slight_smile:

i just bought a beat buddy and cannot register warranty. message says i should receive a verification email and it doesn’t come. i clicked on your email link and that doesn’t work either. please advise

Just forwarded your email to our webmaster. You should have received a confirmation. Will update you via email soon. :slight_smile:

i received your message here and via my email. nothing else.