Maneater OPB+Sax

Maneater by Hall and Oates
Song File:
Maneater_in_Em.sng (14.2 KB)
Maneater_in_Cm.sng (14.2 KB)

Key - Em and Cm
Maneater in Em.pdf (25.5 KB)
Maneater in Cm.pdf (25.4 KB)

Drum Kit -
For Bass only: Rock V2 Bass 2_31
For Bass and Sax: Stax O’Sax 2

Notes: After 15+ years of playing live, we got our first ever request for Hall and Oates. Played Maneater with out the Beatbuddy and knew it needed a backing track. So, here it is! Sax sounds kind of cheesy…

Enjoy and Happy New Year

Enjoy -

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