Master Midi Out to Start and Stop External Midi Gear

Hi just started using Aeros Looper and I want to use it as a Master using Midi Out to Start and Stop External Midi Gear. Can’t find anywhere in manual to do this. All I want is Start/Sop out from MIDI out of Aeros when I Start or Stop a Loop. Am I missing something here or is MIDI Out not implemented?

The very very very long overdue midi implementation firmware is supposed to be coming next. My guess is in june sometime and perhaps that will fix your issue.

Hey thanks Brockstar for the reply.
Also I had an older manual and newer manual states the following:
"Currently, the AEROS does not generate it’s own MIDI clock or MIDI commands.
This feature is coming soon."
Hopefully this will be in June update. Not interested in slaving it to a drum machine as I play with real drummers.

Hey there, responded to your question elsewhere, but I will clarify here, MIDI master capabilities are not part of the first MIDI expansion, that release is only pertaining to commands Aeros can receive. MIDI Master is slated very soon after it, however.

Stay tuned!

You could surely send MIDI transport commands though?

This person doesn’t seem to be asking for full MIDI master with clock.

Even if they are… This would be an incremental change that is an easy win.

Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to Aeros implemented with MIDI Clock out w/ Start, Stop and Reset Clock. That really would be enough for me now.

Any news on release of MIDI MASTER out for AEROS?

If I used your Beat Buddy 2 & your MIDI break out Cable connected to my AEROS will the MIDI start and stop commands of Beat Buddy be passed out thru the the AEROS MIDI out to control start & stop of an external midi gear?

Not currently, but we hope to have news soon!

Yes, this is already supported if the BeatBuddy is master, the Aeros still cannot be master.

Stay tuned, not long away!

Thanks for the question and your patience

Hi guyz, just bought the Aeros, is there any news of the Midi clock out feature?
best regards

Hey there, it is on its way soon, we plan on working on MIDI Master after the next beta is out for Fade and Reverse (4.2.x). 4.1.5 was just released to WiFi with some patches, and we hope to have MIDI Master in the works starting in the new year.

Thanks for the question and welcome to the Singular Sound family!

thanx Brennan!