Melissa- Allmann Brothers (500+)

Melissa w/ bass. 500+ note whole song. Also include bass and drum midi file

Great songs strums ! Thanks & please keep putting up more! Much appreciated!!

Thanks for putting this out there. Love this song and works great with a drummer… finally.

Where is the download file?

DDay - we’ve been performing Melissa for a few years (our lead guitarist favorite - he’s quite the Allman fan) and find the stock Pop 10 (beat 17 simple straight eighths) I think at 85 bpm, Standard kit with a Rock intro works real well. I pause and restart as needed using the 2-button box.

Let me know if you want the .sng to make life easier. The song can be heard (#20 on the list) at

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Re-post this song please. TIA (150.5 KB)

It may have been one of those. Not sure.


Thank you kindly for the response. Apologize for the delay in responding, I have not be back on the forum since I made the post. Much respect, thx again!

And yes, yes for sure I’d like the .sng file pls! :slight_smile:

Here’s a link for a DropBox zip file which includes the .sng we use based on stock BB parts and a pdf cheat sheet. You can ignore any cryptic notations - its a song we’ve done for a few years now but sometimes older songs don’t get cleaned up (references to FX boxes no longer in use etc). It also has notes to help me remember what I was planning to do at certain points (chord voicings etc). I use the pause/unpause button on the external box to break the song for instance at the end of each verse ("…always run…" on the B chord).

Here’s a link to a live recording using this version.

Good morning from Kitchener Ontario! Wow, thank you so much for taking the time. Downloaded the zip and looked at the PDF, exactly how I play it so that you again. Listen to a few of your songs, nice list. My all time go to Can’t You See = right on and nicely played. Also love that you have John Hiatt Feels Like Rain, very cool. You’ve been a terrific help, support. Much appreciated!!!



Thank you for the kind comments. I’ll pass your thoughts on to our lead guitarist who is responsible for getting us to play those specific songs. I like his voice on Feels Like Rain and he is an outstanding slide player who is a big Duane Allman devotee. BB has reinvigorated our play over the past few years and lets us experiment with many styles and trading off who plays which instruments. I even get to return to my woodwind roots briefly and play flute on Can’t You See (and bass…and BB…and backing vocals).

Would have responded sooner Doug but I’m busy watching my Bruins play the Islanders. Hockey is of course prominent in New England - I even watch curling - find it very calming. Must be my wife’s family from Montreal has an influence on me.


I was going to comment on the flute play on CYS, awesome job bud… ya nailed it for sure!

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