Menu aeros mode live

Il serait genial d avoir un menu qui accede directement a la liste de chanson. Pour les show et concerts, ce serait top… les temps d acces aux chansons sont trop trop long

Et autre demande : pouvoir selectionner une chanson via midi avec beatbuddy
Exemple: le message midi envoyé à beatbuddy pour choisir rythme et un messange Midi sur aeros qui selectionne la chanson mise en memoire interne ( pas la sd card si cela est trop compliqué).

Mode 6x6 : pouvoir faire transition comme mode 2x2 via midi et BBuddy… please please
Merci a bientot

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Please translate to English so that users can understand and so that we might better help you.

Thank you.

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It would be great to have a menu that directly accesses the song list. For shows and concerts, that would be great … the access times to the songs are too long

And another request: to be able to select a song via midi with beatbuddy
Example: the midi message sent to beatbuddy to choose rhythm and a Midi message on aeros which selects the song stored in internal memory (not the sd card if that is too complicated).

6x6 mode: be able to transition as 2x2 mode via midi and BBuddy… please please
Thanks see you soon"


We understand you are being helpful, but please don’t be irked with Persist, he’s only following and enforcing the Forum Rules!

Thanks for translating this time :slight_smile:

Um I’m not irked? Where do you get that from lol. I was just translating for the other person, that is all.

Caps! Haha, best not to use caps, try to use italics, caps sometimes come off scream-y