Hello guys,
I used for a while my old mic Shure C606 (a very modest dynamic mic ), I noticed a very low volume, so I was considering to buy this item: Audix T-50 K .
Shall be good insert in the Mono LR input?
thx to all

Do you try the "AUX IN " input( and actived it into the settings)

yes sure, but I’m thinking to use the AUX IN for a keyboard or synth, my idea of configuration should be:
Mono L IN: guitar
Mono R IN: mic
AUX IN: synth
btw any suggest is welcome

I think you would need a mic preamp box to lift up the signal to guitar level.

JHS Color Box v2 is 9v DC.

I found this on Amazon UK:
Maker Hart Just Mic Power
cheap item, but looks good, I know Art and many other, just I need a more compact to stack on my soft pedalboard and not too expensive

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The mic preamp Singular has recommended in the past for the Aeros is a Rolls MP-13 Mini-Mic Preamp. The specs say it will operate on 9-15vdc. The phantom is 24vdc (not a full 48vdc), but should be usable on many budget condenser mics if you go in that direction someday.

The device you linked doesn’t have good ratings and it’s questionable about what sort of gain if any it might give a low output dynamic microphone.

I really appreciate yr answer, I had a look on UK shops (where I live), It seems interesting and practical, but a bit oversized for my padded board and a bit expensive compare some similars, btw I will consider it, as u said suggested by Singular Sound.