Midi access to Aeros

I am very interested in the Aeros Looper that I want to access via Midi. Since I have not found a list of Midi commands here have my questions. I need for my purposes information about whether the following commands are feasible by midi:

  • Midi channel selectable between 1-16?
  • delete loop1 / loop2
  • delete all loops
  • stop loop1 / loop2 at the end of the measure
  • start / stop all loops at the end of the bar
  • record / overdub / start loop1 / loop2
  • master output volume
  • play loop1 / loop2 / all loops once
  • start / stop sync with beatbuddy

This information is important to me for buying an Eros Looper.

Thanks in advance


My understanding is a full midi implementation (likely containing all or most of what you’re requesting) is forthcoming, perhaps within weeks. At the current time, I think it only replies to midi clock, start, stop, and song part transitions (cc102, I think).

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that would be nice if it were so!
However, I do not think that will be realized in a few weeks. it would be nice if one of singularsound at least once an approach would learn what with midi everything is already feasible and what is still to come. This is similar to when I buy a car and do not get notified that it also has more forward gears. Maybe someone reads that from SS and brings some light into the dark?


A road map would be nice. Do you already have a rough time plan when midi controls via an external midi device will be available?

I really like that the Aeros is slim and light, but 4 buttons total is not enough to unlock its full potential. It will need a supplementary MIDI controller, especially in 6x6 mode.

  • I would like to mute track 3 with one button.
  • I would like to solo track 6 with one button.
  • I would like to overdub track 2 with one button.
  • I would like to stop track 5 with one button.

as an example…and much more.

@Singular Sound: Do you already have a date in mind (that you would be willing to share) when you will make this available?

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I do not think that ss gives an approximate date for this!
unfortunately, it is common today almost everywhere that devices are delivered unfinished and then re-supplied or repaired. I ordered the looper here in Germany. If I do not realize within 30 days that the looper for my purposes (control via midi) is suitable then the device goes back and I will submit a corresponding rating.

Here you go: https://singularsound.com/product/midi-maestro/


@897 We understand that not all functions are immediately available for all the people who received this first batch of loopers. The return period is 60 days, not 30. If you need an extension of the return period, please email us at support@singularsound.com - also we are taking notice to your feedback and feature requests.

Regarding the rest of the functions mentioned by @Pim (aside from overdub which is already one click on the RPO button), we are discussing everything in the following threads:

Thank you for your reply. I would like to quote myself from another thread:
…please don’t take an Apple-like approach. I understand that you are promoting your own devices (and I might even buy the Maestro). But if your devices would only run with your own devices/architecture,
I would be disappointed, MIDI access should be open to any MIDI controller.

And I would like to add that in my example, I cannot overdub on track 5 immediately without a MIDI controller…unless I’m in track 5 already. If I’m in track 6 and want to overdub on track 5 I would need to skip through the tracks first. That’s 5 additional button taps. And then one more to record. With MIDI, that could be done with one button press.