Aeros: Mute with only ONE click

One click for “Mute track” would be the most important function for me. I guess for many others, too.

It’s the main reason why I’ve been using the RC-30: two buttons for start and stop. This thing is small and good but no Midi for the Beatbuddy. Don’t want a giant board like the RC-300. The Aeros seems perfect! But without this funcion it’s almost useless for me.

“Doubletapp” is not practical at all.

Please also see the topic: “User Assigned Function to Buttons”


I’m hoping they have one button mute over midi, when they roll out the midi implementation.

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Oh wow, looks like I started writing my own post re: bad muting experience at almost the same time as you posted yours.

I totally agree that the way muting is implemented in latest fw (2.11.1) it’s not practical at all.

I’m not sure I could easily see truly one-click implementation of muting working fine in 2x2 and 6x6 modes, however I see a couple things we could make to improve the situation dramatically, I elaborated there Proposal to improve track-muting experience

Do you think it could help in your case?


I knew there are some more people out there having the same problem. As far as I got your proposal you still want to keep the double-tapp thing - both suggestions are an improvement in some kind but actually I tink there is a much better solution for this (I really can’t handle this double-tapp thing in a live situatiuon): check the post “User Assigned Function to Buttons”. I my case I never needed the overdub function. So instead of overdub I would appriciate a one click mute. In case you want to overdub you still got the second track which cold also be assigned to RPO or RPM.

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Yeah you’re right. Having 6 tracks (in 6x6 mode) I’ll unlikely need overdubbing at all. Making button functions totally customizable would solve it all indeed.

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I agree, it would be a very useful function if we could user assign the buttons. I would like to assign that holding the ‘stop all’ button wouldn’t erase everything but instead just reload the current file that I am using.

There would be many options with the 4 existing buttons already…the functions of the buttons should be adaptable to different user situations.

Nevertheless, I would still love to have the option to use a MIDI-interface together with the Aeros…so that we could have an individual start and stop button for each tracks in the 6x6 mode. 4 buttons are simply not enough for every scenario, even if they are user assignable.

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@BigAl @JaredSmythe @Pim

I took notice to this feedback, I think it is a good idea, and I am forwarding it onward to David. I do see that it is not only discussed here, but also in @dimonomid’s post here.

I do know that the MIDI Maestro will greatly enhance the user experience with the Aeros, it resolves the mapping issue, as this is what the Maestro was designed to do (not just with one or two buttons, but with 6!). So even if we implement this feature (assuming it does not conflict with other default features/configurations), using the Maestro may ultimately be a better solution overall.

@DavidPackouz what are your thoughts?


Many thanks for taking this up! And many thanks for this forum and your work here!

I understand the issue with mapping and possible conflicts with the default configurations. I hope you guys can work it out somehow.
I believe the Maestro will solve many of these issues but let me mention one thing: playing in the streets I’m trying to keep my equipment as small and simple as possible. I already got an effect board for the guitar, the BB + the accent pedal and now the Aeros. I hope you see that’s more than enough to carry along…

Thank you for looking at this topic. I hope you can help me and many others with the one click thing for mute or the mapping in general.

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Thanks for the response. I just want to back @BigAl up by saying that let’s not rely on Maestro too much. It can be a great addition for those who actually need it (and have a room for it, which I personally don’t), but even four buttons (present on Aeros) would be totally enough for me if they were configured as I need. The configurability is truly the key.

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I want to back up this too.
The Midi Maestro seems to be a nice piece of gear but it means more money and more space.

Overall. If I dare to say this. you are in an early stage with the Aeros. Maybe it would be a good thing to do if you overthink the how the looper is working. Every Looper on the market I know has the one or other way how it needs to work and there is no way to change this. If you want to built a REAL game changer then the way to go is maybe to make it really customizable by the user. So that we can really work out our own settings and workflow. No other company is doing this. Not even Headrush. And the Aeros has the potential to do this!!!

Dont get me wrong. It can be a absolutely great unit without that. But if you make all knobs user assignable and other fixed behaviors flexible you could make Soundscapemakers, Homerecorders, live player, singer-Songwriters, backing track users and I don’t know who else, happy at the same time.
No other company is doing this. Nobody else. And its all “just” Software. (I know its hard stuff;) )

Hope you get what I mean even with my bad English
Best Greetings


^^^^ just make sure there’s a “return to default” button in the settings for when someone gets their buttons all messed up… lol


Hi guys, thank you all for your suggestions and ideas! As I mentioned in the other thread Proposal to improve track-muting experience we will be implementing a setting to have the mute happen at the end of the measure or end of track, which will make double tapping to mute much easier.

The MIDI Maestro will also have single tap to mute tracks – though I know you guys are trying to keep the amount of gear you use to a minimum.

We will consider implementing a user assignable button command system – but this is actually somewhat complicated, because there are many corner cases when you change these things around, because most commands depend on what state the Aeros is in when you implement the command. If this is something we think we can do well, we’ll do it – but this will have to wait until we get all of the major features that we promised finished.

That being said – I DO like the idea of RPM (Record/Play/Mute) and this one setting is much easier to do than a fully assignable button system, so it will probably happen sooner.


Thanks David! I see you understand not only the issue with the double-tapping but also the problem with keeping the gear simple and small.
I’m looking forward for any improvement on the mute to make it easier but finally I hope you guys can figure something out to implement RPM sooner or later.
Thanks a lot! Also for the chance to post here!


Hello David,

Thank you for your reply. And as you said in another thread, I understand that it has been quite busy the past weeks. If you find the time, could please also reply to my post here (LIST: Start/Stop via MIDI & setting up the number of bars beforehand &)?

I am especially interested in your opinion about requests number 2-6, i.e. whether you have any plans of implementing these features in the future (number 1 is about Midi access, but you have replied to this already in other threads).

I also mentioned that one of my requests rather feels like I found a bug, it would be nice to hear a clarification about this at least.

Best regards,

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@Pim I will respond to your post soon – it’s a bit long and detailed so I have to give it some thought. My apologies for letting it go unanswered this long.

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Hi David,

I hope you had the chance to have some relaxing Christmas days.

Thank you for the list of Midi commands, that looks very promising.

Have you had the chance yet to think about these requests: LIST: Start/Stop via MIDI & setting up the number of bars beforehand &

By the way, I think I found a bug. I’m on the latest official firmware (not the beta one with the freeform mode).

Here’s what I did and what the Aeros did then:
I recorded silence on all 6 tracks on all 6 song parts. The length of each track in each song part is always the same:
Track 1: 1 measure
Track 2: 4 measures
Track 3: 4 measures
Track 4: 8 measures
Track 5: 8 measures
Track 6: 16 measures
(on all 6 song parts)
The BPM is 105.

When I try to save the song, the Aeros immediately shows the image of the Booting Screen (the Aeros Loop Studio screen that is shown when you turn the device on).
The Aeros is in a locked state then, nothing happens. You have to turn it off and on again. When the Aeros has rebooted, you can see that the song hasn’t been saved.

I tried it again, the most I can save is:
4 song parts with 6 tracks. When I add a fifth part and then try to save it, the Aeros becomes locked/dead again.

Maybe it has something to do with the disk space available on the Aeros? Anyways, it shouldn’t lock down but rather give you a notice that the size of the file exceeds the remaining storage.

Loading the said song with the 4 song parts takes very long by the way. Around 25 seconds. Is that normal?

Best regards,

Hi @Pim thank you, I had a great holiday and hope you and everyone else in this awesome community did too! :smiley:

I just responded to your other post - my apologies for the delay.

Thank you for reporting this bug – It does sound like a disk space issue, but this should definitely not be happening. We’ll investigate it ASAP.

Regarding 25 seconds to save the song - that’s pretty normal for a very large song. The more data the Aeros needs to transfer from RAM to permanent storage, the longer it will take. But we are working on way to optimize this to shorten the saving time.

Thanks again for reporting this bug - it’s very useful for us and helps us make the Aeros better.

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Hi David,

Thank you, I answered you in the other thread already, I just wanted to add that

it takes that long to load the song. That it takes a while to save a large song is fine but the loading time seems to be quite long.

Best regards,

Yes! However, consider side effects