midi CC for unpause with a fill?

Is there a midi cc to unpause with a fill ?
I use my Pod HD 5OO X as a midi controller for the BB
Works great, but when I Pause/Unpause with the Pod The BB just stop and start the beat (like a footswitch)
To unpause with a fill ,I need to press The BB switch after paused with the Pod
But I want to setup the midi cc on the pod for this ?


In the manual, I read that CC120 emulates the press of the main pedal… So maybe could you use this CC instead of pressing the real pedal ?

Yes but you need to make 2 commands
command one : CC 120 and value 127 channel (yours) =main pedal
command two : cc 120 and value 0 chaneel yours = main pedal release

in your custom in Main function*
Main pedal as press
Main pedal Release as release

and you got the same as the real pedal of the BB


You can just send a Fill CC command CC112 value 1-127, here are all commands!

This logic works as of beta 4.0.1

Omg I didn’t see it was about the Pod Hd

Like Brennan say, just put a fill can restart the BB