MIDI Change Part Command lacking

Using CC: 113, I find that it’s got a couple shortcomings. I would expect there to be a command that works more like the Select Part and Record switch on the Aeros itself, specifically:

  1. If the Aeros is stopped, sending CC:113 currently will automatically start it. There is a Start command that already does that which I can send if I want. There are times I need to stop Aeros during a song, play a little unaccompanied section, switch the Part via MIDI (1 press) and then start it back up (via a Master Clock). You can do this if you stick to only using the switches on Aeros, but it takes more presses to iterate through all the Parts first.

  2. If Aeros is running, sending CC:113 only gives me the ability to go to the Part in Play mode. I can’t choose the Part and have it go directly to Recording on the next Track. It would even be fine if I could send the command to go to a Part and then use the switch on Aeros to direct it into Record mode before it gets there, but that doesn’t work. Hitting the Record switch on Aeros at this point causes it to abandon changing the Part.

Overall, I can’t find ways to get ahead of actions, I’m forced into going through an extra cycle of the loop, or go through the wrong loop one time, before I’m back on track.

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I did find out something interesting on accident. If I press a Record button on Aeros first and THEN send CC:113, it’ll enter that Part in Record mode on a track. So, that’s something I can do, HOWEVER … I think it has also exposed a bug.

If I’m playing a Part that has 3 tracks, and I press Record for the Next track (track 4) and before that begins I switch to a Part that has only 1 track, it’ll record … on Track 4. That means leaving Tracks 2 and 3 completely empty, which from my understand is a big no-no in the design of Aeros.


What version are you using, this is not in latest beta from what I can see, if you could give more info on your settings that would be helpful

If you have the MIDI maestro you can send a transition command followed by a record command in one tap or with press and release, this is the same idea.

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I have 3.3.0. To be clear, if I press the Record Next Track button on the Aeros and it is queued for the end of the loop, and then I send command CC:113 to switch to another part before the end of the loop (before the recording starts), it’ll go into that part in record mode, but the recording will happen on the same track # that the previous part was queued to record on. It’ll even straight erase the track in the new part if that track already exists.

So, I can send CC:113 followed immediately with CC:41 and it will enter the next Part in record mode on the next available track?

Just did and it worked :slight_smile:

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Thanks. CC:113 followed by CC:41 does send me into the part I chose with record enabled on the next available track. That’ll work. The issue then was only when I tried to mix and match some of the MIDI commands (like CC:113) with physical Aeros footswitch presses (like Record Next).

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There’s some bugs that may have been fixed for what you’re describing with mixing the devices in beta 3.4.1. Feel free to try it and let us know!

And my pleasure!