Midi commands changed?

I am messing with controlling BB with a midi again , I was able to control the volume and the tempo with exp pedals , I wish to select folders and scroll over the songs using midi command , is that possible ?

I remember something that the was some command changes with the latest upgrade , I may be wrong , I can’t find were I saw , if there was any implementation it is updated on the midi command manual ?

Look for David Packouz’s post in New BeatBuddy Firmware (3.6.0 "The Bug Zapper")

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How do you control tempo with an expression pedal? I have been trying to figure that one out.

Folder select is discussed in the MIDI manual. There has not been a change to that command, as far as I know.

See this also:


Refer to the firmware 1.8.5 update.

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The beat buddy follows the tempo of a master , control the master tempo with a exp pedal , you control BB

Thank guys is exactly that page called the bug zapper I was looking for , I didn’t remember were I’ve seen it

Thanks, but, yeah, I need the BB to be the master. So are you using OnSong or something similar, or what are you using as the master?

The rc 300 , I like it for creating, I type any beat and o control the bpm with the exp pedal , but i must to disconnect the rc to use the BB AS master , the rc 300 doesn’t work well as slave