MIDI direct track x selection

Thanks to the Singular Sound team for all the efforts put in the last update. Aeros is a great livelooping tool !

I use a MIDI controller and I would like to be able to select directly one of the tracks with a dedicated midi command. It would be then possible to send a “record selected track” and avoid having to make several steps with the “select next track and quick double tap to stop recording a new track and get back to track 1”.

This type of function already exists for mute (CC:38 1-6), solo (CC:39 1-6) , reverse (CC:46 1-6) as well as part selection.

Could you please add something like :
CC:41 21 → select track 1
CC:41 22 → select track 2
CC:41 23 → select track 3
CC:41 24 → select track 4
CC:41 25 → select track 5
CC:41 26 → select track 6

That would be great

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Hi there,

Unfortunately, this is not possible on the Aeros. The code was built stringently not to allow any tracks between existing tracks to be empty. Direct track selection could cause this, so we do not allow it.
Some options:

  • You can record a new track to the Aeros immediately by using the Record New Track MIDI command, it will record to the next empty track no matter the current selection.
  • You could set up your MIDI controller to send the Next Track command twice to set the selection back to track 1 after committing the recording. These workarounds may be helpful, let me know

I will be tagging this as considered for this reason, thanks for the request.