MIDI: I STOP on Pause, Will I START on Unpause?

The manual says that I can send a STOP command when I pause the Beat Buddy. Is it the default behaviour that when I unPause, the Beat Buddy sends a START? This seems logical, but if this is not the case, how do I send a START when I unPause?

@Phil_Flood? Maybe you have some idea?

CC 111 pauses, and then on a second CC 111 unpauses. The STOP settings can be configured to interact with the pause. As you found, the manual does not address the START command in this context.

I think there are presumptions made about how downstream midi gear will work. You could have the option of pausing the BB and still have your looper/echo effects continue in Beat with no drums. That seems like a good idea. When you unpause the BB, you still should be in time. Or, the BB can be set to stop the downstream gear on a pause, but then does it restart it? That’s going to depend on how the gear reacts to the CC 111. Does the downstream gear have a setting that allows pause on CC 111 and then resume on receiving a signal or 2nd CC 111. It is going to be gear dependent.

When we create midi chains of several devices, we introduce this complexity. That’s why channels were created, and why device numbers can get used by some devices. It’s why i’ve Used splitters and mergers sometimes to deal with these issues. Controlling without the ability to send multiple channel dependent signals, as you could with a DAW, gets difficult. It’s one more reason why we need a proper midi implementation chart for the BB.

All the above is just to explain that I don’t know for sure if a START gets sent. My guess is that it does not, as the CC 111 probably was assumed to be sufficient.

Thanks for your thoughts on this, @Phil_Flood, much appreciated. Unless I’m missing something, your context seems to be about driving the Beat Buddy. My question is about the Beat Buddy as master. It can be configured to send a STOP on pause. I’m trying to find out if it also sends a START when I unpause. Hoping the answer is YES.

I’ll have to hook up my MIDI sniffer, I guess…

No, I was thinking of the BB as the master. But, the midi sniffer is probably your best bet.

So, are you saying the BB sends a CC111 on Pause/Unpause? I know you use CC111 to MAKE the BB Pause/Unpause, but I didn’t get that it also sends that command.

I’ll have to try to get a sniffer set up and see what it’s doing, I guess. I was hoping @BeatBuddy_Support might be able to get me an answer (they still might), but I also get that MIDI is not currently a big part of what they do, so Support may not be as well-versed in MIDI as they’ll have to be with the release of the Aerio Looper and the MIDI Maestro.

I’ll post what I find.

SOLVED: After much gyration with gear, I have discerned that yes, Pause/Unpause results in STOP/START commands when STOP is set to Pause or Pause and End. In fact, even if you turn off STOP altogether, Unpause still sends a START command (there is no obvious way to change this behaviour).

This is what I had hoped would happen…

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Awesome. Thanks for the info!

New data point: It appears the Beat Buddy does not send Note-OFF; instead, it sends Note-x Vel-0. Which was completely hosing my programming (trying to get my BB to run my stage lighting rig).

I think I have it. I’ll know for sure Saturday night when I use the system in anger…