MIDI Maestro 1.5.x Changelogs

iOS App 1.5.1 Changelog

  • Added link to Tutorial video in menu

iOS App 1.5.0 Changelog

  • Added Expression Pedal Configuration
  • Removed all Online components
  • Added notification that save was successful
  • Incomplete fields will be highlighted in red
  • Commands and Custom Modes can be deleted
  • Reworked the process for deleting a command from a button
  • Added a faster device scan timeout
  • Command Creation improvements:
    • When a command is created, it will be scrolled to in the commands list
    • When text is written in the search bar of the My Commands list and you click the Plus sign to create a command, the text in the search bar will autofill as the name for the new command
    • If command creation is started but then cancelled the search bar will be retain its text, if the command is made, the search bar will be cleared
  • Commands and modes organized in alphabetical order
  • Added quick field selection arrows when keyboard is open

Bug Fix

  • A newly opened mode will always open for the first time on Page 1 on the app