Midi Maestro can't connect to Blue tooth

I just recieved my new Midi Maestro and I have to say there is not much in the start up manual. There is a link for the online manuel but when you go there it’s not there.
For one I have an Iphone and I never has blue connection problems. But it can not see the Midid Maestro. The start manuel says you can load custome presets with the “Included App” The only app I can find on the app store cost over $9.00. Reguradless if I can’t connect via blue tooth I’m dead in the water. Please advise.

Greg Bouten

The App has not been released yet to my knowledge. There have been some other threads about the release date which you might find with a search. What you saw for $9 likely is not related to the Maestro.

I don’t have a Maestro, but I have had problems connecting to devices with an Android tablet which had a Bluetooth version older than 4.0 A2DP, LE. If you have a fairly recent phone you should be OK.

Well I have a brand new iPhone XS Max. Neither my wife or my phone can connect Bluetooth. You’re right about the app that’s the wrong app I looked at it later. But I don’t know if you can’t get Bluetooth to work you can’t update it anyway. What pisses me off is I want to add a symbol to the sounds when you hit the button and I can’t change that. Thank you for your reply

When you hit the pair button on the rear of the unit does anything indicate on the screen it’s trying to do something? I don’t have a Maestro, so I don’t know if it’s supposed to show something.

The only thing that indicates on the maestro is a flashing blue light showing that it’s in pairing mode. On my iPhone when we do the routine that we normally do to pair a device we watch that it’s just looking for a Bluetooth device and cannot find it. The problem is it takes several days for me to get a reply back from Singular Sound. It’s kind of sad because I’ve bought in the last three weeks the Aeros, The beat buddy and its pedal and now the, The beat buddy and its pedal and now the MIDI Maestro. The advertisements make it seem like you can do modifications and customizations. But it’s just not true there’s no app. Even in the manual for the maestro it says that you can get the full manual at a certain link. When you go there it’s not there. Their website is so bad that I tried to register my Aeros and it was not possible to do so until I talk to someone on the phone and explain. They fix the link. These are great products I wouldn’t give any of them back I’m just hoping that the step in and work on some of these issues. You should not be advertising a product and showing the YouTube demonstration on how you can use it for the beat buddy you can use it on the Aeros And you can even customize it for other products. This is just not true

If you need to hook up any Bluetooth hardware, I use iPhone/iPad app “MIDIFLOW” you can midi map to different channels, CC and PC messages, etc. I have success with Irig BlueBoard and
Airturn Bt200s-6, which I think are similar to Maestro…? With these pedals they use Bluetooth LE which requires no midi cables. The app will even allow you to monitor the midi…Here is a pic of the screen on hardware I use:

I spoke with Support two days ago they actually called me. I was told that they would

have something out in the next two weeks for IOS. Once I have that app I will be able to connect Bluetooth according to them. To be honest everything is working with the mini maestro and the beat buddy except for the ability to edit the accent hits. When you are using the two button pedal plug directly into the Beat buddy, you have the ability to have a crush symbol for an accent hit. The preset accent hits on the maestro do not have a symbol this is what I want to edit. Thanks for your reply I appreciate

I preordered a Maestro but cancelled for waiting so long. I do not use a Beat Buddy in my shows at this time. Using the Korg pa1000 and Roland FR4x accordion presently. But MIDIFlow is a great app if you want to play around with to monitor your midi signals. I would like get my hands on a Maestro to try, maybe later this year?


Right now the mini maestro only will work out of the box with the beat buddy and the Aeros looper. They have a option to do custom programming but unfortunately there’s no way to connect to it right now until the app is available.

The only way that I know of that you connect to the Maestro For programming is via Bluetooth. Not quite sure if your program will work. Is this a downloadable app for iOS phone?

I would think if the Maestro BT was enabled and sending out a signal, your phone would at least see it when you did a scan with the phone and show as available. I wouldn’t try to pair it with the phone, but would wait for the app and its instructions.

I own a JBL EON610 speaker that has the ability to connect via BT to adjust some parameters such as EQ and update the firmware via BT. It was intermittent at times when I initially tried with their app on an Android tablet. It did show on the tablet as BT available. I did finally once get the app to work and I think got the firmware on the speaker complete, but there after the app does not work nor does the tablet show any BT signal. The firmware update either bagged the BT function or the BT module simply failed. There is no provision on the speaker other than BT to reflash the firmware or other get into it. Big mistake on JBL’s part to not provide an alternate access. I can do EQ and such externally, so not a catastrophic loss, but just sucks not being 100%.

JBL EON600 series block diagram. BT block highlighted.

Yeah I did that and it didn’t even show up they told me that it won’t unless you’re using the app. This is a very new product I know they’re having issues with their software for the BeatBuddy manager. I’m not having issues with that software at all and the only reason I want to access the maestro like I said it’s to change a couple of things in the menu. It’s not really that big of a deal but they assured me they would have something out in a couple weeks

I have the same problem.
Are there some new infos regarding this issue?
More than one year has gone and connectivity via MIDI isn´t working …
I can connect with devices from Singular Sound and with the App for MM to update functionality and firmware. But not as controller for other devices or software as described in the marketing documents.
It seems to be a software problem on site MM.
A good software looks like this:

Shame on Singular sound to treat their customers for this long time!

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Is that why the app crashes ?

Is a workable V2 of the app planned? When?
Actual App is simply unusable. With Ipad nor Iphone.
It crashes all the time.
I made my custom mode in the app but when I wanted to transfer to the MM it wouldn’t work. I had to reload the app, erasing my custom mode. Had to do it again. And the App is such a crap to use, that’s a pain in the ass, again.
When browsing commands for instance, you can’t see the whole description. How can you simply shoose a command ?!
Rec/play/overdub command is available, but for… Quatiloop, not for Aeros.
Overdub is available for HX Stomp only.
WTF! these commands are usable with Aeros or not then?

When you want to change channel in the App, you barely can’t see nothing. Black on black what a great idea!

I agreed to be a beta tester for Aeros some 2 years ago. Recently I needed a controller. That’s not exactly what I wanted but said to myself that ok as aeros is not finished, at least I should get a controller that works perfectly with Aeros, so I bought that Midi Maestro anyways. As it is stated on MM box that it is “easily customizable”


So here I am a beta tester for MM. How could I not loose confidence in SS?

Come on SS guys! Do something please! Quick.

Sorry for the late response, I may have missed this

We are unfortunately not going to go the v2 version of the app, we have however done significant improvements in both app versions 1.5.x and 1.6.x

Feel free to read the changelogs for both releases

v2 was a great plan but just became too expensive to implement. Although the app is not perfect, it is fully functional as orginally intended to function.

This is most definitely fixed in the new versions, we do aplogize for the inconveniece, however

We understand the online library is a little bare, but with good naming it should be easy to seearch for and find your needed commands/modes

We may spend some time to improve this furthe rin the future,

Thanks for the feedback

The Aeros was not originally capable of accepting MIDI but this was fixed in version 3.1.x

The Aeros is currently in version 5.1.1 and the full MIDI command list can be found here

This is going to get better soon, we are working on some minor improvements

Thank you for all the feedback!