Midi Maestro & Aeros

Hey, just got my Aeros and Midi Maestro today. The Maestro works fine with the Beat Buddy mode, but none of the Aeros mode buttons seem to be working. I am midi out of Maestro into the Beat Buddy and Midi Out of the Beat Buddy into the Aeros. The BB is set to Midi Merge, so it should get those messages. Any ideas? I updated to the latest version on the Aeros. Thanks.

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There’s a post that lists the MIDI commands that the Aeros is going to listen to - specifically those sent from the Maestro.


OK, so it doesn’t work right now. That isn’t clear in how this item is marketed and sold. Same can be said for Aeros. The publicly stated functionality isn’t its actual functionality.

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I just got my Aeros and Midi Maestro and it isn’t working as well. MM works with Beat Buddy, but not with Aeros. Is this still not working right now or is there something I need to do?

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nope. Seriously ridiculous. No app either. Paperweight.

I have the same issue. Maestro works fine with Beat Buddy, but nothing happens when i connect it to aeros. Are i’m missing something, or is it not yet implemented in Aeros? i user fw 2.17.6

MIDI is yet to be implemented on the AEROS. As soon as Singular Sound fixes the issues with the latest beta for the AEROS, they will probably make that an official release. Then they will begin development of the AEROS MIDI capabilities.

thanks a lot for clarification. So i’m looking forward for the Aeros version with midi capabilities.

I just received my MIDI Maestro and same issue. Works fine with BeatBuddy but not with Aeros.

The marketing on the Singular Sound website clearly states that Aeros control “works right out of the box”. That is not true. The truth is that there is no functioning Aeros integration with Maestro at the moment but no where on the Maestro page does it tell you that that feature is still being worked on.

I believed the website and was really disappointed and frustrated to receive the Maestro, turn it on and put it in Aeros mode, only to discover it doesn’t actually function.

Please Singular Sound, update your website with the info that Aeros integration is a future feature so that purchasers of Maestro don’t feel fooled. It’s really not great for your brand image which I care about because I think you are making some incredible products. Adding a line of text to your website clarifying the Aeros integration for Maestro would solve this.


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There is a new beta. Go to the aeros thread. It adds the functionality finally. Works well.


Up date AEROS firmware 3.1.3 beta
BBuddy -> Midi out --> Midi out Setting --> Midi-Merge
You will be Happy !

Thank you. Will check that out tonight.

Hey all, yes this will be part of the 3.1.x release, we have the beta up that is correct, a better more refined version is under works to release shortly, stay tuned!

Hi! I got exact the same gear and setup! Aeros+Beatbuddy+Midimaestro
It’s 2021-08-04 today (fourth august -21) Is the problem solved with MIDI Maestro and Aeros midi-update? Can I program the Midi Maestro now with start/stop, new track etc etc for Aeros? !


Hey there!

That is partially incorrect, the first implementation of MIDI is already available (since 3.1.x), there will be a newer release with more commands. We will have more info very soon.

If you’d like to know what behaviors are currently supported check out our MIDI commands sheet, the Aeros is on sheet 2.

Thanks for the question

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Thank you for the answer and for the midi commands sheet! Just wondering… when you say very soon… is it in a couple of days, weeks, months? Just want to make music with these great tools… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

[quote=“BrennanSingularSound, post:13, topic:16741”]
a better more refined version is under works to release shortly, stay tuned!
[/quote] Stated August of last year… last year.

Who knows what “very soon” actually means, but my most awaited feature (autoQ/beat detection) will probably not be available for yet another year. Waiting 1-3 years for promised features has really turned the fan base cynical.

Here is a post that may answer some questions you all may have!