Midi Maestro App/Setup

I just bought the Midi Maestro to go with my BeatBuddy and Aeros…I love it. Except…setting it up is possibly the worst experience I’ve ever had. It’s almost like you didn’t do any user testing on it.

Here are my gripes (from the perspective of an app developer):

  • Copy/Paste/Duplicate non-existent
    Considering a lot of commands are similar, there should be an option to copy and paste, or at least duplicate.
  • Updating the Maestro
    The update procedure looks to be timed at one minute, so every time I want to try something out on the Maestro I have to lean down, press the bluetooth button for a few seconds, then click the update button in the app…and now wait 60 seconds. I would expect it to update until successful and then restart the device. Every update!
  • No ability to move a command
    So I just realised I need to move some commands into a new page. Oh dear…I have to set them all up manually, I can’t drag and drop onto a page and make it a subfolder.

Why am I ranting? Because I’ve just spent a few hours trying to figure out how to change the BeatBuddy drum kit and 2 hours and 30 minutes of that was spent swearing at the user interface in the app and then waiting to update the Maestro, only to find it didn’t work and I have to start again!

I hope the MorningStar MC6 Pro comes into stock soon, because their user interface is how it should be done.

/rant over

TL;DR - Please re-think the application or at least update it with some features so it isn’t so frustrating. The device itself deserves it, because it’s ace.

Hey there,

We understand these features would have been great but unfortunately, a redesign of the app to support all the things we really wanted would be too costly

We may however still be able to satiate some of the woes with copying and pasting across pages, we just released a nice update to the apps and pedal, so we are still interested in finding solutions that do not require a major lift to accomplish.

We understand the need for duplicating and slightly editing commands, we may be able to come up with a solution for this

The updating process for the Maestro is not going to be amended, and the way it works is pretty much the best possible scenario for the unit at this point in its life cycle, changing how the updates work is not a minor change.

Thanks for the feedback!