Midi Maestro delayed again!

** When will the MIDI Maestro be released?

We are currently beginning manufacturing and finishing up the development of the mobile app. MIDI Maestros should begin shipping towards the end of 2019. :slightly_smiling_face:**

Yeah, I’ll probably die before I ever see the pedal. :(. Shoulda bought the Morningstar.

New email update? Or somewhere on the interwebs?

On the product page FAQ at the Singular website. I just ordered a Morningstar. I can’t wait for the Maestro any longer.

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Never mind, just saw that. @DavidPackouz and @AnthonyR, care to comment?

That’s disappointing. I may need to start looking for alternatives as well.

Hi Guys, we really hate missing all these deadlines so we didn’t want to say another delivery date in case we were delayed again (and yet, here I am saying it)… It really does look like we’ll be shipping out by the beginning of September. I’m in China right now to make sure things are moving along and won’t leave until the MIDI Maestros leave with me.


Thanks, David, but, your credibility on those issues is, you know, down somewhere below -1. I prepaid this, and have waited beyond, what seems like forever. I have relied upon your promised delivery dates. I have delayed booking gigs, relying upon, what I believed to be promised firm dates for delivery. To say that I am pissed off would be an undestatement.


Hi @Phil_Flood - my apologies for the late response. Things have been hectic getting production going.

I completely understand your frustration, I share them as well. My guys all told me to stop giving delivery estimates. But I hate leaving people in the dark. All I can do is give updates based on the information I have. The reason we do offer significant discounts off of pre-orders is precisely because with new products there are uncertain delivery dates. This is what we have done in the past, and despite similar delays with past products (BeatBuddy, Mini, Cablis), we have always delivered. And we will deliver the MIDI Maestro as well, I promise.

That being said, I know how much you’re looking forward to the MIDI Maestro, which is why the delays are so frustrating. I’m working my butt off to get it to completion, which is why I am in China right now, and I am not leaving until the Maestros leave with me.

Here are some pics of some units coming off the assembly line:

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Dang! This is extremely disappointing, to say the least, seeing as I pre-ordered, I guess, a year and a half ago? I assume the looper took priority because loopers are, generally, a bit more approachable and cost more?

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That was three weeks ago. Not sure where we’re at now, but I feel like we might be due an update. Any news, @DavidPackouz?


I’m building my new Pedalboard using a Vintage Leather suitcase. Midi Maestro pre-paid for and Aeros on my to-buy list.

I can wait! I don’t practice enough anyway!!

Does ne1 know someone who wants to buy my old but new Boomerang Looper and Sidecar?

Rock on David, Persist, Anthony an’ all. From Abergavenny in South Wales.


With Profound Awesomeness (Aeros) comes Great responsibility


Hi guys, I’m still in China dealing with the MIDI Maestro issues. The latest thing is that some of the housing parts of the units seem to have port holes that were just slightly too small and made it impossible to assemble. This wasn’t the case for our sample units, so this issue was only caught during final assembly. We had to send the parts back to the manufacturer for rework, but that is finishing up now, so we should be back on track. It’s reasons like this that I really don’t want to give a delivery estimate. Because if everything went perfectly, we’d ship out of China in a week, but things never seem to go perfectly. I will stay out here until the job is done. And trust me, I want to go home :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the update, @DavidPackouz. Oh, and try the egg rolls, I hear they’re quite good.

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Hello everybody!

Any news @DavidPackouz? (I wrote this message with a smile and without anger)

I ordered mine in june and now I begin to lose patience, I can’t imagine what those who ordered it a year and a half ago can feel!!!
We all know you are a real good man David but time is money for all of us and nowadays time is “new tools avalaible on the market every week”… so it’s sad to wait something that could be obsolete before we receive it.

You talked about a bluetooth agreement in july and then last month about holes in the bad place…
Please tell us good news David!!!

Best regards


The MIDI Maestro has been shipped from China and is on the way to our office :slight_smile:

We need to make some tweaks to the firmware, and then we’ll ship them out to you!


Fantastic! When do you expect them to ship out to users?

good news indeed…though i didn’t miss anything and holding my expectations so high after over a year pre-order. anyways, will welcome it with open arms!


Very good news!!! wishing to put my hands on… or even better my feet!

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I once looked in my old emails and found the original order confirmation. The mail comes from 15.07.2018 and I was definitely not one of the first preorders. I’m really curious to see how long it will take until the longed for MidiMaestro arrives here in Germany.

@DavidPackouz, any updates on when you expect these to start shipping?