Midi Maestro delayed again!

** When will the MIDI Maestro be released?

We are currently beginning manufacturing and finishing up the development of the mobile app. MIDI Maestros should begin shipping towards the end of 2019. :slightly_smiling_face:**

Yeah, I’ll probably die before I ever see the pedal. :(. Shoulda bought the Morningstar.

New email update? Or somewhere on the interwebs?

On the product page FAQ at the Singular website. I just ordered a Morningstar. I can’t wait for the Maestro any longer.

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Never mind, just saw that. @DavidPackouz and @AnthonyR, care to comment?

That’s disappointing. I may need to start looking for alternatives as well.

Hi Guys, we really hate missing all these deadlines so we didn’t want to say another delivery date in case we were delayed again (and yet, here I am saying it)… It really does look like we’ll be shipping out by the beginning of September. I’m in China right now to make sure things are moving along and won’t leave until the MIDI Maestros leave with me.


Thanks, David, but, your credibility on those issues is, you know, down somewhere below -1. I prepaid this, and have waited beyond, what seems like forever. I have relied upon your promised delivery dates. I have delayed booking gigs, relying upon, what I believed to be promised firm dates for delivery. To say that I am pissed off would be an undestatement.


Hi @Phil_Flood - my apologies for the late response. Things have been hectic getting production going.

I completely understand your frustration, I share them as well. My guys all told me to stop giving delivery estimates. But I hate leaving people in the dark. All I can do is give updates based on the information I have. The reason we do offer significant discounts off of pre-orders is precisely because with new products there are uncertain delivery dates. This is what we have done in the past, and despite similar delays with past products (BeatBuddy, Mini, Cablis), we have always delivered. And we will deliver the MIDI Maestro as well, I promise.

That being said, I know how much you’re looking forward to the MIDI Maestro, which is why the delays are so frustrating. I’m working my butt off to get it to completion, which is why I am in China right now, and I am not leaving until the Maestros leave with me.

Here are some pics of some units coming off the assembly line: