Midi Maestro IOS app questions

After sitting in a box for years, I finally brought out the Midi Maestro. Thanks to posts here, I uploaded the firmware and got everything going. I am using the IOS app.

I do have a few questions that I’m almost afraid to ask knowing the history of the development of the software. But maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised with a clear answer that I can use!

  1. I will mainly use the MM to switch from part to part. I’ve been able to program it so that the part switches on the press down of the pedal. Is there a way to get the part to switch on the release?

  2. Is there a way to copy an entire page? Is it possible to copy an entire page within custom mode? Is it possible to copy an entire page from the default to the custom mode?

  3. How do you program the extension pedal? I’d like to use it to end the song.

  4. Is there a way to delete custom pages that I’m not using?

  5. Any other tips or cool uses? Right now I’m using onsong to select the song, it pulls it up on the Beat Buddy and then the MM will be used to select song parts. That’s all working fine and I am pleased that I was able to get that far. Special thanks to @Aliby for answering my questions and @persist for his posts on EEPROM


Hey there, sorry for the delayed response!

Yes, simply set the instance of the command to the release instead of the press in the smartphone app. This is done inside the Button Setup page where all the button’s commands are listed, just press the “release” icon to toggle it on and press the “press” icon to toggle it off. The change is applied once you save.

No, these are not possible actions

This is not currently possible on the app but we are looking into it

No, this is not possible

Thanks for the questions

Hi, Bootsy -
A quick question for you. You said that OnSong is working fine for you pulling up the songs on BB.
I’m trying to get it to pull songs up on the BB and the Aeros together, since they are linked together.
Can you tell me how you have your OnSong connected to your Beatbuddy or system?

Sure David - Just making sure I understand the question right. I do not have an Aeros.

If you are asking about the hardware set-up: OnSong is connected to the BeatBuddy/MM set-up via bluetooth using a Yamaha MD-BT01 device. I’ve programmed songs in OnSong with a midi command that corresponds to the folder on BBM.

If you are asking about how to program OnSong, here are two links that helped me:
Basic Midi: http://onsongapp.com/docs/features/midi/
OnSong to Beat Buddy specific: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CU9R8Z2web4

If you need further directions, let me know. I need to pull out the iPad this weekend to reprogram the MM based on @BrennanSingularSound suggestions for the app.

Can you share a screen shot? I’ve tried that and it isn’t working. All I want to do is program the pedal to move to the specific part on the release of the button.

Screenshot -Action: transitions on the push down

Screenshot Action: transitions on the push down

New questions:
Is there a way to program the footswitch?
How come the input for the midi out cable is not a solid connection? The plug often falls out.

I’m trying my best to use the MM but I’m feeling like it was not a good purchase. I bought it 11/25/19 and still can’t program it the way I want. The IOS app doesn’t seem to be updated and support is lacking outside of the forum. The manual hasn’t helped me. 2+ years.

Thanks, Bootsy.
I appreciate it. Your response & the links are very helpful.
(I’m trying to figure out whether I should use Bluetooth or a dongle & cord to connect my iPad.
I’d like it to control both the BB & Aeros, so I guess I’ll experiment some more.)
Anyway, thanks again for your response!

Hey what version is your BB on?

You must be on 3.9.9 or later to be able to send the Transition Start (CC113 value 1-32) and Transition complete (CC113 value 0) commands at the same time. You must always send the CC113 value 0 command to stop the transition from looping and start the part. Otherwise, you have to select the part on the press and send the CC113 value 0 command on the release.

Let me know if this is helpful!

Interesting - pretty sure my BB is updated.

I’ve been using one of the IOS commands that is available without putting anything in. That may be the issue. @BrennanSingularSound - do you have a screen shot or written direction as to what the command list would be? That would be really helpful. I really have no midi experience.
Thanks so much for this information - makes me feel better about the potential of getting the MM to do what I’d like it to do!

Definitely check your BB firmware, it is seen by going to the main menu (press both the Tempo and Drum Set knobs at the same time) and scrolling to the About BeatBuddy option and selecting it. The version number will be shown there. If it not 3.9.9 or above, again, this will not work.

The likely problem is there is some issue with uploading and downloading certain commands made from previous versions.

It is best you make some from scratch

  • You should create a Part 1 begin transition command CC113 value 1 ( create a command for as many parts as you may need, Aeros uses max 6 so that would probably be a good number remember value#=part#).
  • Try to call it something small yet obvious to easily detect it on the search when adding it to the button. For example “P1” and for device you could say “BB” “Aeros” “A+BB”, whatever makes most sense to you.
  • Then make the complete transition command CC113 value 0
  • Once you do this, simply place both commands (CC113 value x and then CC113 value 0, in that order) in the commands list.
  • Set both to release.
  • Save the button setup and write it to the MM

Let me know if this helps!

Thanks for the question

Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately, no luck.
Version 4.0.1 (I think - definitely version 4)
Programmed as you said but added Channel 1 to the channel as it wouldn’t let me save.
When a press the button, endless transition unless I go back to the button and repress.

To me, what doesn’t make sense is that it works when I press the button down. It should then just work fine if I switch the icon to release. At least in theory. It shows the commands are right.

Any help is appreciated!

Is there a place with all beatbuddy and Aeros midi commands listed, as well as a tutorial on how they should be entered into the app?

Are there any plans to have all beatbuddy and Aeros commands preloaded in the app and easily to custom configure?

I am new to midi and honestly the app has been rather difficult for me. I know I saw that version 2.0 is in the works, is there any sort of eta on that, and will it address any of these concerns?

I also like the idea of being able to decide how many pages show up on custom mode.

Being able to download custom commands is a nice feature but I wish that was an option for all beatbuddy and Aeros commands instead of the mishmash of single commands by various users with tons of duplicates.

Jay from Singular Sound help shared this which worked! @BeatBuddy_Support
"If you simply want a button on the MIDI Maestro to function as a transition to a specific part and function like holding down the main pedal on the BeatBuddy, set it up like this (shown for part 2 in this example, but you can put any part you want the BeatBuddy to transition to instead) -

CC-113, value 2 (Press).
CC-113, value 0 (Release).

That way when you press and hold the MM button, you will be in a transition fill. When you release, it will exit the transition fill and go into the part you set."

Thanks Jay!