Midi Maestro - No App, No Bluetooth, Not controlling beatbuddy

I have a new beatbuddy, which I updated to the newest firmware tonight (1/1/20).

My Midi Maestro is on 1.6.

It’s clear the Beatbuddy is getting SOMETHING via midi, but it’s definitely not behaving as intended when the MIDI Maestro is in Beatbuddy Mode. For example, the tempo controls aren’t doing anything, the start stop simply turns the beatbuddy screen red, but the scroll up/down is working.

I did reset the beatbuddy to factory default.

Also, the MIDI Maestro quick start guide indicates you need to download the app, which the website says is “coming soon”.

Lastly, the MIDI Maestro will not show up as a discoverable bluetooth device via my phone or my PC, so… I’m not sure what to do there, although with no app, it probably doesn’t even matter.

This is becoming annoying… Not a great introduction to these products for me!

Check your BB’s MIDI-In settings. They might not be speaking to each other. As for the rest, the BB is a game-changing piece of gear, and the MM is simply not complete yet. Soon, though, I believe.

Mine’s gone back in the box. Songs don’t go up or down and tempo neither halves or doubles (one of the reasons I bought the MM).

@miketeachesclass and @tERRY_mARTIN: you might have done this already … just checking - is your BeatBuddy updated to version 3.8.0 … this is essential, else the BB will not work correctly with the MM … as I mentioned before - you may already have done this …

… btw, eagerly waiting the app (MM working as intended, but not with the setup I need for gigging …)

Funnily enough had just been reading the 3.8.0 update, so will be doing that today. Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

My BB is on 3.8. Still no dice.

… maybe as @JoeInOttawa mentioned - the MIDI comms are not active - check the MIDI connections and settings on both units.
My MM was definitely working out of the box and I assume they are set up similarly & checked before they are sent.
Good luck - this has the potential to rock once the app is available …

How do I check the firmware version on the MM?

Anyone that has these two machines working together - how are your MIDI settings setup? There is nothing in the manual in terms of how they need to be set, and the only reply I got from support was at 7:45 this morning, saying to make sure the beatbuddy was on 3.8 (it is).

To check the firmware on MM, you can press the “mode” button. FW version will be displayed. Mine shipped with 1.0.6

Gotcha, same version here.

Truthfully, it seems the MM just… doesn’t work. It’s clearly glitchy at best. It was obviously released as a half baked product.

Very disappointing; I’m likely going to just return both products and look for other alternatives. It just seems to not be worth the headache.

I will try my BB and MM later and send out what my results are afterwards.

I have set my MM up with BB and HX effects, it all works as it should, including tap tempo to the HX unit. I’m quite impressed, looking forward to customising the settings with App.

Midi settings
Midi In
System Real Time
.Sync - Enable
.Start - Enable
.Stop - Enable
Midi Channel Number
Note On - Enable
Note Off - Ignored
Control Change - Enable

Midi Out
Output Type
.Channel 1
. Always On
.Main Beat
.Pause and End
Next Part
. Enable
Time Signature

So, I had the same issue with getting the BB to work with the MM. Turned out I had my BB set to OMNI for the MIDI channel. Changed to channel 1 for both input and output, works fine now.

Aeros still not working :unamused:

I received my MIDI Maestro recently, and it works great. It really rounds out the capabilities of the BeatBuddy. Quite frankly I’m already so used to having the MIDI Maestro to control my BeatBuddy that I’m not sure how I lived without it in the past.

That being said, I wanted to reiterate a couple CRITICAL notes that others have said:

  • it is essential that you upgrade your BeatBuddy’s firmware to at least 3.8.0 for them to work together. See https://forum.singularsound.com/t/new-beatbuddy-firmware-3-8-0-the-midi-maestro-support-update/16073 for details. (See below for instructions for checking your firmware version.)

  • It is essential that you verify your MIDI settings between the MIDI Maestro and the BeatBuddy; for example:

    • The MIDI Maestro and BeatBuddy are both on the same MIDI channel
    • The MIDI OUT on the MIDI Maestro is routed to the MIDI IN on the BeatBuddy
    • The MIDI Maestro is configured for BeatBuddy Mode

Having said all of that, if you tried to use the BeatBuddy with an alternative MIDI controller without upgrading the BeatBuddy’s firmware to 3.8.0, you’d still be missing some MIDI functionality. So if you’re having issues getting the BeatBuddy and MIDI Maestro to communicate, I’d double-check what I listed above rather than replacing your MIDI Maestro with something else.

How to verify your BeatBuddy’s firmware version:

  1. Power up the BeatBuddy normally

  2. Press Drum Set and Tempo at the same time to enter the Settings menu

  3. Scroll down to About BeatBuddy and press Tempo

  4. The firmware version will be listed like “FIRM-3.8.0

If you’re still having issues, feel free to ping me since I have mine up and working, and we can compare notes.