Midi Maestro wont startup

Just purchased a Midi-maestro and when it starts it powers on but the screens remain blank. It is unresponsive and nothing seems to change this. Any suggestions or is it just a dud?


Probably not a dud but more likely that the firmware load didn’t happen properly.

Here’s your starting point: MIDI Maestro: the New, Customizable MIDI Foot Controller – Singular Sound

Read and follow the instructions in the first two documents and use the third as a reference.

Hi there,

You can go straight here:

This will link you to the latest midi maestro app and provide you with all the steps to fully update your unit

If you feel that this problem has not gone away after you follow these steps, please reach out to support@singularsound.com or from whomever you bought the unit from/ you have warranty with

You can find the manual here for more information on your new MM:

Thanks for the question!

Thanks for the suggestions. The midi maestro wont enter pairing mode. Ive tried pressing the bluetooth button briefly and holding it down for up to 10 seconds and the bluetooth light doesn’t start flashing. Because the screens aren’t readable I can’t see anything on the device.
Is the a hard reset that can be performed?

I would reach out to support@singularsound.com to make sure but I would say best to reach out to the place you bought it from, it is possible it could be defective