Midi Maestro

Just wondering about the midi maestro. Am I right in understanding that it will allow independent control of song parts. I would like to be able to control verse and chorus with premium content, will that be possible. Also any info on availability in Australia

Singular Sound released a video recently showing how it works with the BeatBuddy


Thanks for that I like it

Very cool!!!

nice to be able to jump from from part to another…though that’s what my MC6 midi controller does and much more like naming song parts :slight_smile:

So you can do everything with your controller like control song parts eg verse and chorus of premium content?

yes, pls check this link - https://www.morningstarfx.com/mc6-mkii

here"s another thread on MC6 - MIDI part selection question

Looks similar to the midi maestro. I like the bigger buttons on the maestro. But if it’s going to take forever to get one at least there is a viable option. Thanks for the info