MIDI part selection question

Hi. I don’t have my BB yet, but it’s coming soon. I think I have a handle on how this things works, but I’m trying to find a way to switch between song sections easier. Almost every song I play has multiple sections, so I’ll use all three regularly.

I’ve seen that in order to switch a section, TWO CC messages have to be sent on 113. First, the section required (1,2 or 3), secondly the section start (0).

Can this be accomplished by a midi foot controller that has the ability to send out two or more CC’s on the same footswitch press?

The FC1010 has the ability to send out two on one switch, but will this confuse the BB?

I’m just trying to reduce the number of foot switches depressions required, as I’m already tap-dancing quite a bit.

Thank you!

Yes, this is possible with midi device. I am using Morningstar MC6. I also have the FCB1010 but it is limited to 5 CC messages and you need to have 1 switch dedicated to have a value of 0 to trigger the transition. MC6 can accommodate 12 message at once per switch.

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Ok… I just ordered one. I hope it works. Will you help me if I need it?

Thank you!!!

@tamoore sure thing and you won’t regret it…i’m loving mine until the midi maestro will show up in my door, MC6 is a winner! the editor is pretty much intuitive. see the other related thread - Three part songs