Midi Maestro's button are really loud

I thought Aero’s buttons are loud (especial compare to Boss RC-10R), but I’m wrong.
I got my Midi Maestro today, the button are really too loud for home studio use. My acoustic guitar has mic pickup that can pickup the buttons noise very clear . The midi cable doesn’t connect very good and it can come lose and it will not send power to my Bluetooth MIDI adapter (both Yamaha MDBT01 and mi 1)


I agree. The noise due to the friction of the buttons with the chassis is excessive. Also agree with the problem with Yamaha MDBT01. The chassis (again) around midi plugs is too deep and I guess that it will be a problem with a lot of midi cables (especially those with a slightly shorter metal part). Yamaha MDBT01 looses power if you don’t press firmly on the wires. Perhaps a midi extension cable (male to female) could help.

Agree - my Yamaha MDBT01 wouldn’t stay in so I bought this extension cable:

The Accent hits are unusable at low volumes, the footswitch clicking overpowers the audio.
Is there a retrofit kit that offers quiet switches for the MIDI Maestro?


I’ve been wondering if felt washer would help. Haven’t looked for a source yet. Maybe 1/4” to 3/8” thick…

Right now I’m using two FS-5U Boss pedals to control my beat buddy. These are the best pedals I’ve used. (I haven’t used a ton). Very quite and most important I can reliable use it to switch parts. The feel of the pedal is very good. Still not perfects. Sometimes I still get a fill when I want to change parts.
I would like this type of pedal with six in a row that worked like the midi maestro or morningstar.

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Some guys have used the Behringer fcb 1010.

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Thanks, I’ll check it out.


This pedal seems to have the same problem. You can’t send a command on pedal release. You have to set up another pedal to complete the transition.

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Have you seen anyone using this to control both the Beatbuddy and Aeros?


That describes a Nektar Pacer. 10 programmable Boss-like buttons are one of the reasons I use it. And you can program it to send midi on release.

No. I only recall some folks using with the BB, prior to the release of the Midi Maestro.

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Ah, well, I was just thinking about the quiet aspect. Sorry.

That looks really cool

i took a sharp knife and cut the plastic around the mini midi cable and it now clicks in smothly to the beat buddy

Okay got my Nektar Pacer.
A bit tricky to set up (but aren’t they all).
Switches are dead silent.
Pretty close to the FS-5U Boss pedals, but a bit trickier to get to tricker (2nd to FS-5U Boss pedals)
I have 6 usable switches
Here’s how I have them setup
2-Part 1
3-Part 2
4-Part 3
5-Pause (Down pause and up Unpause- so just hold it down for a bit
6-Voice Live 3 harmony

This setup seems to be working okay for now
Notice that there is no ‘start’. I just hit part 1 (or any part) to start.
All the buttons are in one row (perfect for me)
It’s also built like a tank. Super heavyweight.
All in all, I’d say the best I’ve found so far and I’ve looked a lot
and bought a few.
I’d say the Morningstar is in second place, but I ended up not using it in favor of two FS-5U Boss pedals.
I still have the FS-5U Boss pedals set-up (not - Midi) for emergency start and top.
I will start putting more parts back into my songs and give this thing a try.

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I just purchased a second hand Keith McMillen SoftStep 2, hoping that this will give me silent control over my BB and Aeros (replacing the Maestro). I have some learning to do before I can use the Softstep, but will report back. In the meantime, if anybody use the Softstep, I’d be interested to hear from you.

Seems like a good starting point for an external midi controller. Will try something similar with my Keith McMillen SoftStep 2 when the times comes.

There are a couple of users that mentioned they used the Soft Step II. You can search the forum and reach out to them. Don’t know if they’re still using it. I used to and changed to a G Lab GSC-4.