Midi newbie

Hey guys In interested in creating some of my own beats with bass by importing tracks into a midi editing program
I can do the basics but couldn’t get the bass line to play
I kn o w you have to use the rock with bass drum kit
And move the bass line up so that beatbuddy will recognise it
Tried all that…moved it up to c2…c3 but only the drums play with no bass
Any suggestions

Ive just realised that you have to save it as a single track for beatbuddy t o recognise it.
Im using a free editor called MIDIEDITOR and
havent been able t o see a way of saving as a single track

Arggh just got caught in that jar./java/windows 10 trap re beatbuilder. That damn thing should be deleted

You might try this.

Thanks Phil. I was thinking try reaper they have a free 60 day trial.