MIDI Play Outro only stops BB when there is an outro configured

Hi I’m using MIDI to stop a song but there only appears to be a play outro option. When there is no outro configured the play outro does nothing and the BB keeps on playing. I can stop the song using an emulated double tap on the main pedal but it would be better if when sending the outro command it played an outro if one were configured or stopped as it does with a double press of the main pedal, i.e. the MIDI implementation does not match the functionality of the main pedal - having said that I think I just answered my own question. Rather than send the outro I should just always emulate a double tap :slight_smile: nice talking to you all .

This should be fixed in version 4.0.1

@8buck, the way I do stop is to pause then outro. I like it this way, it is a two button action but then again, I would need a third one for stop and the pause+outro does the job for me.
Thought I’d share.

(Oups, I completely misread your original post… My answers were irrelevant.)

Put a null in the outro.

Lol that’s so obvious thanks Phil