Midi Sync Auto-Record Delay


I’m using the Aeros as midi receiver in my setup, the clock is sent from my Polyend Play (Groovebox/ Drummachine). I’m trying to use the Auto Record function.
But unfortunately it won’t work accurate.

When I start playing my Guitar the Aeros is starting automatically to record but there is always a big delay in the recorded loop (half a second or more) so the loop is not in sync with the clock/ beat. I tried a lot of different settings but I can’t solve this problem.

When I use the Aeros in normal mode it is working fine.

Hopefully you guys can give me a hint how to solve this problem. Maybe it’s a problem wich is already known and will be fixed with the new update.

Thank you.

MIDI Sync (with the Aeros as transmitter) is not meant to be used when the Aeros is in Auto-record mode

Auto-record is intended to start the Aeros when it is master, when the BeatBuddy is master it will start the Aeros. If you do not wish to immediately start recording, set the MIDI In start setting to playback only and this will make the Aeros scroll in the empty part in time to the BeatBuddy.

Thanks for the question