Midi Sync/BB and Voicelive 3. WOW.

Has anyone seen this… sorry if it´s been covered before. But this is amazing, it opens up a whole world of possibilities .


It does indeed, I hope the other looper makers take note and add/fix the midi sync systems they have. Phrase Looping has become a pretty standard performance art now, and not everyone beat boxes so the BB could be THE rhythm machine for loopers.
I have Boss (RC300) and TC Helicon units, but don’t have the VL3 yet. So far the syncing has not been good enough to trust using the BB… I dunno if it’s a BB issue or a Boss, some RC300 experts suggest it might be the BB as the RC is solid as a master, but crap as a slave…, but if someone can fix it, the power of a loop with the ability to control the drums could be amazing.

Kudos to TC-Helicon for being 1st to tackle it head on.

Hi Brian,
I dont use the RC but having read many reviews etc by RC users, they all seem unanimous on it being a fault of the unit. The Boomerang and Pigtronix seem to work fine with BB so perhaps the VL3 is a welcome new addition to loopers that really do stay synced. I hope so, a lack of midi sync was a deal breaker for me in buying the VL3 - but now it´s a no brainer. To walk on stage with a just VL3 and BB connected as my ´pedalboard´ is a dream come true. ( if it really does stay synced.) Mind you the video above stays synced. I await other tests. Now if only BB and TC would hook up and put the BB INSIDE the VL3 where it would be far easier to navigate on stage, given the big VL3 screen, now that would be something else !

IF this thing actually works like they claim, my Infinity and ToneLab might be hitting ebay pretty quick.

Hi guys Re: MIDI Sync, would the VL3 be the slave to BB? Or is it the other way around? Cheers, Will…

VL3 updated firmware allows for master or slave usage. I will be trying it out later in the week.

Midi sync is dead on with the Pigtronix Infinity.

Just an update on this, the reference manual for Firmware 1.2 says the following:

VoiceLive 3 can act as a MIDI Tempo slave only. It cannot generate or send MIDI Tempo.

some other useful bits:

The looper will respond to MIDI Tempo values with precision higher than 1 beat per minute. So if you send a tempo such as 118.4 BPM from Ableton, VoiceLive 3 will follow that tempo, although the display will show 118.

Hey Scud! I really need to know the appropriate set up re: which leads go where, etc? As I’ve recently ordered + received my BB. Now I specifically want to utilise the MIDI sync feature of the BB with my TC Helicon Voicelive 3. Just a run down on what I’ve attempted (but obviously unsuccessful); using BB as the master to VoiceLive 3 I’ve connected the MIDI cable OUT to IN with VL3. And that’s pretty much it. Am I missing something as there was no (BB) sound that came out - even after I’ve adjusted & tweaked the VL3 unit for MIDI sync. Please help as I really need to use both for my gigs. Thank you in advance! Will (Sydney, Australia)

Re: BB with VoiceLive3 MIDI SYNC feature: Do I have to connect Headphone lead (BB) to AUX in VL3 to get sound?

The beat buddy is sending the midi clock to the voice live so that is midi out. The voice live is midi in. If this doesn’t syn up the beatbuddy to the looper then check the midi settings on the beatbuddy. Can’t remember what they are but trial and error should do the trick. I assume you want to have the voicelive looper and beatbuddy in sync. Hope this helps.

Once you have the MIDI cable plugged in, you need to go into the VL3 setup and turn MIDI on. There is a MIDI tab in the menu, set the source to MIDI ports and the tempo to ON.

For audio, the easiest is BB headphone out into the VL3 AUX port. It’s important to remember that if you use the guitar out on the VL3, you won’t hear the AUX port, only guitar. It automatically routs AUX out the VOICE port which usually goes to a PA, and the guitar to the GUITAR port…which usually goes to a guitar amp.

UPDATE: The steak doesn’t lie. The VL3 will slave to the BB with perfection. Once connected, the BB becomes the master clock and all tempo changes are done with tap tempo on the BB. The VL3 can then adjusts it’s time sensitive effects based on the BB tempo. The VL3 also has an audible and visual metronome that will stay locked to the BB tempo, you can’t even change it on the VL3 once it’s synced. However, there is an option on the VL3 that lets you easily toggle the MIDI sync off and on with a footswitch in case you don’t want the two devices to talk. It has the ability to record 3 loops, but only 2 can be played simultaneously, it’s an A and (B or C) type thing with a swap option to easily serialize them. It’s sound is unbelievably good and it seems to handle looped signal levels exceptionally well. The rest you can probably get from the manual.

So now it looks like there are 3 newer gear options that play really well with the BB:
]Boomerang 3
[*]VoiceLive 3

I wasn’t aware of this pedal capabilities until. Saw the demo. I have a harmony g and I use a boss me80 for effects. looping using the boss octave effect as a bass guitar for acoustic solo gigs. Now could do all this with the voice live3 . The looping seems like a similar setup to the infinity. It would be a great pedal for a solo acoustic gig. All in one. Plus you can easily loop vocal parts. Love to try one out.

I was able to remove a compression pedal, noise gate, a power supply, looper and a Tonelab floor remote from my pedal board. Lost about 15 pounds worth of gear.

How does it sound. I was wondering about using the guitar effects into an amp. Just chorus,reverb and delay. Like the way the inputs are separated.

(able to remove a compression pedal, noise gate, a power supply,) …sweet !
I’d only have to keep my tremolo, & tuner pedals …

Man, I’m drooling at your ‘pedal porn’ …lol
Going to need some excuse$$ big time to pull this one off ! :wink:

Hate to do this to you, but it’s got a host of configurable tremolo and wah effects built in…and a tuner of course. I sold off all the stuff I didn’t need to pay for it.

Deal breaker …I’m In !

lol, please don’t take my word for it, do your research first and decide for yourself if this thing meets your needs. It’s a lot of coin but it’s a great unit, especially if you’re frequently on the move and want to take your “toybox” with you.