Midi Sync/BB and Voicelive 3. WOW

Make sure the VL3 metronome is on when tying to sync with the BB. It won’t sync otherwise. You can put it on mute but it has to be activated.

I’ll give this a shot! I figured it had to be something little like that. Thanks!

make sure that in the Setup menu on VL3 you tab over to Midi (on top of the screen) make sure the Source is Midi Ports and not Usb,

Does the VL3 need to be on “quantize”? I think that may be the answer as well?

I’ve only been able to get it to work with it set on Quantize. Quantize only works with the metronome active, so I mute the metronome. As a side note, as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve only been able to get it to work with 4/4 and 3/4 time. If you’re trying to do something in 6/8, you’re out of luck.

I think this is true! I have been playing with all modes all day. I’m determined to figure this dang thing out. Every mode seems to drift but quantize. The 6/8 is a bummer but I’m already ahead of where I was with my old setup. I’m taking baby steps and only hoping to loop rhythm chords over a beat and solo at this point. I couldn’t do that with my rc-20 so I’m making progress.

And remember to switch it back to USB when you want to connect it to your computer for updates.

I have one and love it. The BB plays along just fine, I tried the Ditto, the infinity and finally VL3. Watched every vid I could.
The harmony effects alone are brilliant. the looper is decent, and the guitar amp modeling and effects are also decent. Also the built in ear monitor is one other advantage. Great unit.

I see you have the Beatbuddy headphone output into the VL3 aux in.
What a great set up, could you explain all the ins and outs for us?

I initially thought the VL3 might not need a pedalboard?
The Beatbuddy and its two button external switch move away from me a lot in use.
I thought of attaching them to VL3 in some way. But what you have done looks great.
Can i ask how wide the “box” is also?

Thanks heaps

So does the VL3 respond to the stop command from the BB? This is one good thing about the Infinity. I am doubling these days on bass and guitar and would like to use as simple a rig as possible. For some shows where I’m bringing a PA, I run bass direct to my mixer, would be great to also run guitar direct as well. Pedal board won’t cut it, but VL3 would. Plus the vox harmony is a bonus.

It doesn’t not stop the Vl3 like the Infinity will. I had the Infinity first and it worked great in that regard. However, I felt the vl3 far exceeded the features of the Infinity so I went vl3. I would love this feature too. I anxiously await the day when they make it happen!

The latest VL3 update allows you to use Smart Sync as well as Quantize with the BB. Also, you can make it default to MET ON, so you don’t have to poke the MET ON button each time you change songs. I’m still trying to decide what makes Smart any different from Quantize, however. And BTW, if you run things from an iPad loaded with Set List Maker, you can preset each song’s tempo via SLM, and everything syncs up after about 10 seconds. Man, I sure do love automation!

hye everyone this post is a little bit old but if someone can tell us if now synchronising bb and voice live3 is really ok and if it posible to do gigs with those 2 connected etc !!! I Hope you’ll understand my english lool;):confused:

wow this looks awesome! Sadly its above my desired price range. Already have a guitar effects pedal board (Line6 Firehawk FX) so dont need to double up on that. They need to make a VL3 unit that is just the looper function with an Aux jack to play along with your music and the MIDI sync for the BB for those of us who have less $$ and dont need all the extras (vocals/guitar efx) :slight_smile: Meaning, fix the Ditto X4 midi sync issue.
Very cool that there is another option for many others out there though.

tc helicon play acoustic is cheaper but I don’t know if it’s possible to sync with BB any ideas ??:(:slight_smile:

Yeah but I play both acoustic and electric and more electric so thats not a 100% solution.

To Lovesinging.
the “box” is 12 inches aprox.
I also purchased the Switch-6 and a long cable. This allows much more flexability.
That’s all I use.

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Sync Start Stop Looper . Use 2 groups foot switch knobs.
Drum Mashines & TCH VL3 Looper Synch with my DIY Foot Controller video demonstration:

Schematic DrumMashine Start/Stop & TCH Looper Stop/Start