Midi sync trouble

so my midi chain is

keyboard(sequencer)>BB>hx stomp>MM (in aeros mode)>Aeros

and i’m having an issue with the bpm

when i set the bpm on the keyboard(master) at 60 the bpm on the beat buddy syncs up at 59 and the aeros is at 61

when i turn on the midi thru on the hx stomp the bpm on the aeros goes up to 176 and jumps around to 179 constantly changing in that range

I would like to optimize my setup and am open to suggestions. just wondering if someone has encountered anything like this or knows what I might be doing wrong

Hey there, odd! There is some bad behavior from version 3.8.0 where clock was being doubled if sent into the BeatBuddy. We have fixed this in beta 3.9.9, and I’m wondering if you may have your issue solved, or improved by this.

Also question, what setting is there on your HX stomp as far as not adding to doubling the incoming and the outgoing clock signal?

Let me know!