Mixer presets

would this also include mixer presets? would love to set the volume of track 1 as the same each time…As well as panning to truly utilize the 2 outputs…I.E. Vox on the L channel and Instruments on the R channel.

This is possible on the new beta Aeros Firmware 5.1.x - Aeros Loop Studio / Docs and Downloads - Singular Sound Forum

You can use MIDI to set up the volume for your tracks

Unfortunately, there is no way to currently pre-set the volume for a song or create templates of the mixer settings

Awesome Thanks Ill be checking this out soon with a midi mixer…Is there a update in the future that will allow panning of tracks to L/R outputs?

As of now, panning is not being worked on actively but it is still something we are interesting in adding eventually

Thanks for the question