Mixer presets

would this also include mixer presets? would love to set the volume of track 1 as the same each time…As well as panning to truly utilize the 2 outputs…I.E. Vox on the L channel and Instruments on the R channel.

This is possible on the new beta Aeros Firmware 5.1.x - Aeros Loop Studio / Docs and Downloads - Singular Sound Forum

You can use MIDI to set up the volume for your tracks

Unfortunately, there is no way to currently pre-set the volume for a song or create templates of the mixer settings

Awesome Thanks Ill be checking this out soon with a midi mixer…Is there a update in the future that will allow panning of tracks to L/R outputs?

As of now, panning is not being worked on actively but it is still something we are interesting in adding eventually

Thanks for the question

Hi Brennan, any chance you guys are still working on panning? I would love to pan my bass hard left and guitar hard right to issolate the outputs

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Hey there, there is no current work on panning but it is still something we are interested in implementing.

Please note that:

  • You can already record the Guitar in the L input and the Bass in the R input and send the L and R independently to their own amps. This is possible if both the “Record” Song Setting and the “Audio Output” Device Routing Setting are set to stereo. This way you record each instrument into their own mono channel in stereo, so the signals never mix
  • In 5.2.x which will be available soon, you will be able to control the levels for all inputs in stereo or independently as 4 mono channels which allows panning into the Aeros as you record. You can use MIDI and/or an EXP pedal to control the Aeros input level

Thanks for the question!