Can anyone please tell me if mixing drum sets (adding wave files from one drum set to another) in BB is possible?
My reason for asking is: I play the song “Another Round” by Foo Fighters and as you probably know the song has two meter changes that go back and forth (3/4 and (3/4 half-time, sounds like 6/8)), throughout the song.
I decided to use the “Jazz 7” drum set and it works fine for the sections in 3/4. The problem is at the chorus it goes to a 6/8 feel; the “Jazz 7” drum set doesn’t have a 3/4 half-time like the “Brushes 5” drum set does.

I’m still learning how to use the BB Manager, which I love! I’m wondering if I can add the wave files from the brushes drum set to the jazz drum set? I don’t want to add them all, but would I need to add them all?
An even more important question…if mixing the drum set wave files is possible, what do I need to do to pull the brushes 5 wave files in to the jazz 7 drum set? How would I do it so all (midi files) play properly they correct sounds?

See…told you I was new at this! lol
Thanks for your help folks…I truly appreciate it.


If I understand you correctly, you are not really asking if drum tones form one kit can be added to another kit. You are asking whether you can pull a section from one BB preset, in this case brushes 5 preset, and ad it to the Jazz 7 preset. The answer is yes. You can pull that part from the brushes 5 preset, just by clicking on it and copying. They in, the Jazz 7 preset, you would click the + button for the type of section you are adding (I guess a main loop. For example, you would press the little + under the 2 on the left edge of the Jazz 7 screen), and then pasting the Jazz 5 loop into the empty main loop spot that appears.

What might give a problem is the fact that Jazz7 is 3/4 and Jazz 5 is 4/4, but I just tried it in Beat Buddy Manager, and it worked.

Hey Phil, hope all is well with you and thanks again for helping me.
First let me explain that I made a custom song for “Another Round” using song “Jazz 7” because the groove fit best…it’s in 3/4. I made a custom song because I wanted to switch things around (the main grooves, etc.) and it works just fine. Now…
I understand that I can pull a midi file from another song and add it to any of the other songs or even custom songs as long as I add the appropriate section in song mode. (Example: I can pull the midi-fill from Jazz 1 and add it to Jazz 3 as a midi-fill).
However the problem I’m having is when I use the midi file “Brushes-Beat 45_3/4 shuffle half-time pop” (which is in Brushes 5), in the place of “Jazz beat-51” it plays properly, but instead of hearing the brushes, I hear the “Jazz Drum Set” which has more stick sound on the snare and not the light brushes. I’d be happy if I changed all of the wave files that are in the midi-files to all brushes in this case if I could.
As I explained in my original post…the song “Jazz 7-3/4” doesn’t have a half-time feel like “Brushes 5-3/4 Half Time Shuffle” does, so I wanted to use that midi-file in the place of the second “main loop” in my custom song. I am able to add the brushes 5-3/4 half time midi-file, BUT…when it plays I hear drum stick sounds because of the Jazz drum set that was in the original Jazz 7 song.
If I simply change the drum sets, the midi values aren’t the same, so I’m getting different sounds like sticks when I want brushes, and small crashes where there should be a ride cymbal…make sense?
That’s why I was asking if it was possible to mix drum sets by pulling the wave files from say a “Brushes” song files and mix it with the “Jazz” song files that used for my custom song.
Not sure it’s possible, but I’m hoping that I can somehow add those necessary “Brushes” wave files in the Jazz drum set using the property midi values, but I don’t know how to do that stuff…yet.
Attached is the midi file as it is in use in the original brushes song. If you place it in the jazz 7 song so you can hear what I’m talking about.

Short answer - drums from one kit can be added to another kit, as long as there is room in the kit. However, for the midi that is being, let’s call it transferred in to the new kit, for that being to play correctly, it would need to be remapped to the new sound locations in the kit your are moving to.

To illustrate, here are the two kits you have mentioned:


Obviously, where I have “same” the sounds are different, since one has brushes; the other has sticks. The problem would arise if you want both a stick and brush version of the same midi value. Just looking at the kits, you have a bunch more room in the brushes kit, since it’s only 71% full. If you used that as your default, but you still wanted a stick version of the snare, you could add the snare to Midi 40, for example, but then you would need to remap any midi file that needs the stick snare by moving all the notes at midi 38 to midi 40.

Therefore, yes, it’s possible, but you would need to remap midi files, and you would need to stay within the 100mb limit for drum kit size.

Hey Phil,
Thank you for explaining that! It was well explained. I guess the only thing left for me to do now is try and follow your explanation by way of application. So if I take your advice and use the Brushes-5 song as the default, which I will since it does have more space to add what I need to add…thus alleviating the potential of a space problem, do I simply copy the wave files I want to add from the Jazz-7 drum set and add them to the Brushes-5 drum set? Can I simply highlight them to copy, then paste in the other drum set?

If you open up the drum kit in Beat Buddy Manager, which you do by clcking on the Drum Sets list tab on the left mini window, then double clicking on the name of the kit, which is going to be Jazz 1.1 or just Jazz (it wont be Jazz 7), then BBM is supposed to create a set of waves in your workspace. Unfortunately, in the last couple of betas, and now the new 2.0.4, this has not worked for me. Maybe its the BB version I use. But, the waves do still get created, you just have to find them. So after you double click on Jazz, do a search for stick over stick, since that is a pretty unique name. You should then be able to find the folder where the waves were created, You will have to go back a folder to find the full set of waves, as the structure will look something like Jazz>39-Stick over stick on snare> here will be your wave folders by velocity. For stick over stick its 0-17, 18-44, 45-77, 78-120, and 121-127. Then all the waves are in those folders. And before you mess with these waves and move them around, copy the parent Jazz folder as a whole, and paste it into your BB Workspace.

One other important thing, if you are wanting this to be a new kit with its own name, you have to change the name in BBM. You do that by clicking on the name here:


then this window will appear which is where you can change the name:


At that point, go to the upper menu bar Drumsets>Save Drumset as. Save it with your new name in a location you can find.

Now, there may be an easier way to do this, but this works for me, and I’ve made a bunch of Drumsets. Quit BBM. Restart BBM. Go to Edit>Import>Drum Set. Import your newly named drumset. Click of the box next to its name to make it active. Double click on it to open it. Then continue adding waves until you are done. At that point, go to Drumsets>Save Drumset, and your kit will be saved with the edited changes.

Then all you have to do is edit the midi files. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Phil…I have a question…
I was thinking that I could simply “Add Instrument” to the Jazz Drumset and obviously giving it a midi-ID of 40 like you suggested.
I could then pull in the necessary wave files from the Brushes Drumset. My question is would that work? If so, where can I locate the “wave” files because I cannot find any wave files. I pulled my SD disk and it’s in the card reader slot, but the only “wave” files that I see coming up are in the “Effects” folder.

You beat me to the punch on my question. I didn’t realize that you had sent another post. Thank you.
I still can’t find the wave files though. I can certainly hear the sounds when I test them in BB Manager under the drum set tab, but I cannot find them on my computer or on the SD disk.

They are in there. Did you search for “stick over stick”?

Yes, I did search for it to no avail. I’m sure they are there or the sounds wouldn’t sound off in the songs.
Is there a place on the BB website to download all wave files?

I can load them into my Dropbox later on tonight and send you a link. You want the Jazz kit, right? I don’t think Singular has a place to just get the wav files.

I’d like the Brushes kit please and thank you. I want to add the brushes to the jazz kit @ Midi-ID 40 so I can use the midi file “Brushes-5 3/4 half time pop” within the Jazz-7 song.
If I “add instrument” to the jazz set and drag/drop the brushes wav files into it, I should be ok…I hope!



Hate to bother you again Phil, but you know that I always pick your brain for about a month before I move on! lol
I was able to add the brushes for the snare (thank you for the wav files by the way), like I wanted as an instrument, however I’m still hearing the sticks instead of the brushes despite the fact I have the midi_ID set at 40.
I’m obviously missing something here…your expertise please?

Right. You need to open the midi file, the brushes 5 3/4 half time pop file that you are using, in a midi editor, like cubase, Logic Pro, audacity, etc. Then you are going to select everything at Midi 38 (D1) and move it to Midi 40 (E1). Then save the file, and then add it back to your song.

Thanks Phil!!

Unfortunately that didn’t work. When I switched it to (E1)…midi note# 40, it was just another snare sound. I tried others as well…E2, E3 to no avail. Those sounds were cymbals, etc.
I use Logic Pro X. I’m assuming it should matter what drum kit I use in Logic as long as I switch it to the midi note number. I’m stumped! :frowning:

In the kit you made, in BBM, if you trigger the note in the drumkit editor, are you getting the right sound? Did you actually bring the file back into BBM, or did you just play it in Logic? Logic is NOT going to sound like BBM.

Yes, and yes. If I click on the play button in the drum set maker I can hear the correct brushes wav files.
Like you said…in Logic it plays a snare sound, but I did save the midi file and imported it back into the song…but it still doesn’t work.

That is really baffling. If the kit has the brush sound in it at Midi 40, and you have a midi file that has notes at Midi 40, the kit has to play the brush. Try this. Create a new mid file in Logic. Just put in a couple notes at Midi 40. Save that with a new name, and then add it to the song. Then play just that file in BBM. Does the brush sound play?