MM + BB More than 5 Parts

Is there a way to add buttons for a song that has more than 5 parts?

You can program custom pages for your MIDI Maestro by using the Singular Sound app that’s available for IOS and Android. The command is CC 113, and the value would be the number of the part you want to transition to.

Thanks ED! Now I see how to look at the other commands for hints too. Nice one.
ps: I was born in 1970 :slight_smile:

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Just to expand on what Ed brought up, there are multiple commands you could use, maybe you would get more out of using a Next Part command CC:113 value 126 followed by CC:113 value 0 to constantly go to the next part.

If you need access to all 6 parts, you can use something called a redirect to change the page on the MIDI Maestro once you press one of the buttons.

You could add part commands to other pages or create a page that redirects out any time you change the part (You can see this in the Aeros 6x6 song controls in the Aeros Default Mode).

Read more about the MIDI Maestro app and MIDI in general in our MIDI Maestro manual! Lot’s of important and useful info to get you going!

Please check out the full list of supported MIDI commands here.

You can also check out this awesome video on the MIDI Maestro by Joe Vitale!

Thanks for the question!

On a similar line of question, I have my midi maestro as the master, transmitting to the aeros looper and merging on to the beat buddy (this allows my saved loops to automatically call up the proper bb song). Is there a way (in the aeros loop song setup) to start the bb song on a part other than part 1? Some songs are only two parts on the looper but 5 or 6 parts on the bb, but the parts 1-4 are really similar but part 5 is what I want to coincide with part 2 of the loop song. Am I missing an entry possibility in the Aeros song setup?