MM factory set - deconstruct?

has anyone managed to find a way to export the MM factory settings to a downloadable custom set? I would like to “reverse engineer” it a bit and see how they achieve certain operations.

This may help.

thanks Phil - I am trying to see how they get all the screens to change to alternate options by pressing just the START switch…

EDIT: great list…MIDI Ox only shows what the actual switch is doing, not the other changes. Still need to figure the link between switch one and the rest…as there is no manual I’ll assume what a user sets for other switches is somehow auto linked to the on/off status of the switch…

think I have it now - it’s the pages in the editor, set the main page then have ancillary controls and variations on subsequent pages…will experiment further…

EDIT: nah that doesn’t seem to work well…

Issue is that the factory set has most of what I want to do, I just need to be able to remove some I don’t…pity we cannot edit the Factory set and then save that as a custom :frowning:

Do you use iOS or Android? Android can create a mode based on the default modes that you can then edit as you want! Simply create a new mode and it will ask you what to base it on: None, Aeros, BeatBuddy.

iOS should have this feature very soon.

As I wrote elsewhere bluetooth on android is a bit flaky, on my Samsung tablet it always times out on scanning. I hope the iOS version (I am beta testing now) adds this soonish :wink:

Which android tablet are you using? I have used 4
different phones and 2 different tablets and they all work fine. Some old tablets may have issues?

Samsung Note 10.1
Samsung Tab A
Samsung Galaxy 7
Samsung Galaxy 8
Sony Xperia
Pixel 4

These all work great.

Yep I have the Galaxy 8 - on mine it always times out on the scanning, after pairing I might add!

The behavior you are describing is a redirect – you can make a button redirect into another page.
Then all screens load the content of said target page, hence the change.

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thanks Irving - as I wrote re-direct is NOT available in the iOS app - it is greyed out -and again as I have written several times, on this Galaxy 8 I have, it (BT) times out on scanning - maybe it’s an issue with the latest OS update??

So I am stuck no matter which way I go - hence not really being able to use a $600 bit of gear!! VERY annoying :rage:

The redirection component behaves differently in Android and in iOS. In iOS you “drag” to change the number, instead of clicking to reveal a drop-down with the numbers.

Please confirm whether you can do it this way or not.

yep slides up - so the number corresponds to what exactly? :slight_smile:

EDIT: to the pages ok got it now thanks :slight_smile:

When it comes to connecting MM to android you do not have to pair Bluetooth. The app will do all the handshaking between android and MM. Make sure you press the pairing button on the rear of MM until the blue light starts flashing, then in the app select program device or update firmware etc. The light will stay solid, during the data transfer and then revert to flashing when finished.
Hope this helps.

haha thanks sytrep, but that’s ALL been done. Several Times :wink: