More footswitch functions

Hi there.

First of all I would like to thank you for a great product.

Unlike many others, I am NOT using BeatBuddy on the floor, but actually in arms-reach.
Im playing piano and in order to be most flexible i need to have “hands-on” device for switching songs quickly. Therefore, the Foot switches are very important to me, but I would like them to be more flexible.

I would like to copy the BeatBuddy pedal functionality to one of the external foot switches.
This way, I am using the foot switch to control Fill, Transition and outro (just like the main pedal) and still have the BeatBuddy elevated on top of my piano.

If this feature was enabled, it would also be great to program the main pedal (beatBuddy) to another function.


Thanks for a great suggestion!

Having an option to move most of the functions from the main pedal to footswitches is the one of things that many users have requested.

I don’t understand why nobody makes a NON-USB programmable MIDI controller anymore. With all these foot based devices out there now that have MIDI capabilities, a desktop controller seems like the perfect accessory.

Something along the lines of this:

That WOULD be an amazing addition! I second this motion!

I found out that I could use my Digitech FS 3X which have 3 switches with the BB.

It can have the same function as the BB external pedal plus you can stop and start BB with an accent sound with the 3rd switch.

Very cool !

I also use my old Digitech FS3X instead of BB pedal.
Work fine!

I prefer the momentary switches on the Digitech FS 3X.
The BB footswitch cable kept slipping out and I thought there was some bug in the BB itself until I hooked it up with the Digitech FS 3X.
There will be two Digitech FS 3X on my pedalboard now, - One for my JamMan and one for my BB.


So… the FS 3X… the third button works as the main Beat Buddy button?

Out of the box, it work like the first and second footswitch run togheter.
BUT, with this hack it can work like the main one

Dear Tobbe and Tore, Can you please elaborate what and how the third button works? How do you program it?
to quote Tore: “it work like the first and second footswitch run togheter.” - I tried pressing both buttons on my Boss FS-6 at the same time, nothing happens.
I even tried short circuiting the tip A+B connector on my stereo Jack, again - nothing happens.

I am considering to make the Main pedal HACK as a workaround to use my pedal in a live setting… but guys, to be totally honest: this should be a no-brainer update on the firmware side! Francly speaking, I am surprised this flexibility is not already implemented, as it would create a huge sales-pitch and momentum.

speaking of firmware: Im curious on when we will see the next firmware update (…?..) I see the Firmware version 1.29 was released December 20 2014. Anybody got some info on that? - Btw, i would be glad to help on the programing side… just need the source code :slight_smile:

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The third button (to the far right) on the Digitech FS 3X simply simultaneously activates whatever you set the 1st and 2nd switch to do "while BB is playing" under the Footswitch Functions in the BB.

When pressing both footswitches, both doing theyr enabled function, eg first switch starts pause, second accent, pressing both switches at the same time will start pause with an accent hit… The third switch will do the same, but is easier to strike (eg when your barefoot:cool:) then the two buttons simultaneously.

There’s nothing to set up. The 3d button simply goes.

However, I also have the FS-6 and pressing both buttons I get exactly the same result as the third button on FS3X.

Have You set the two pedals FS-6 in the same way?
Have You run the footswitch detector function in BB?

Ahh, I see. I was expecting an additional feature. :frowning:
When having button A = pause and B = accent hit, I can see the point of having the additional button C = A+B.

But in my case with button A= pause and B = Outro Fill - there is really no point.
Since I do not have a button C, i tried to hit both A+B at the same time witch will never really be EXACLY at the same time.

It will either be:
1. Button A first, then Button B = STOP (first pause (A), then stop (B))
2. Button B first, then Button A = STOP
3. many times just giving me the outro.

Sooo… that leaves the soldering HACK from Norbert.

Bringing this thread back to life… Still think it is strange that we do not see any big news on the footswitch functions.
I bought this pedal over a year ago… still have not been able to use it live due to stupid restrictions on the footswitch… I mean, seriously; How hard is it to route the main pedal to a footswitch?

Beeing a live musician, I need the pedal in arms reach to very quickly change song/tempo… this flexibility is a must! And I cant have the pedal on the floor since I need both hands on my instrument.

Guys, when can we have this feature??? It really is the one thing I am missing on the beat buddy…

Get a midi foot controller, fcb1010 or similar. You can program the various switches do start/stop/fill,transition etc using the appropriate midi cc commands which are all doc’d in the BB midi manual. You can also still use hard switches to control whatever you want, eg pause, crash etc as normal when playing and song selection say when stopped.

Hi Big E

fcb1010 is a huge beast, I dont want that below me… less is more. Yeah, sure you can purchase smaller ones, but that is not the point. Then I would need the additional midi breakout cable and for me giggin every weekend I do not trust that small mini-midi cable… It does not seem to be that secure… (as I have seen several others here on the forum also commented… Im sure on a pedal board, it works fine, but for me wanting th BB up in arms-reach I really only want high end angle-jacks…)

I mean… they have the fill/outro as a supported footswitch feature… how hard is it to add fill/transition ?

Are there any other functions besides fill and transition that you would like Singular Sound to consider adding to the remote foot switch?

Hi Persist

Nope. What is a must is Start/stop and Fill/transition
Alesis figured this out years ago with the Alesis SR16… Even now, the Alesis SR18 is one of the most used drum machines for live market due to simplicity of footswitch… (even though is sounds like shit…)