Most of my OP songs drum kits show * NP before the name?

And when played they sound horrible. I know that indicates that I don’t have the required/proper kit download but the kit I’m seeing required I do have but without NP in front of the name.

What’s up?

And for the kits I don’t have downloaded in my drum kit files, would you suggest I do a search for it in the forum inputting the kit name into the forum search bar?



What version of the BB Manager program are you using? And what is your firmware version on the pedal?

Can you give more of a description than “horrible?”

If you have the kit, but without the NP in front of it’s name, have you selected that kit from the song’s drop down


to make it the default kit for that song?

Is the kit “Active” in your project, i.e., is the checkbox in front of its name in the Drum Sets list checked.

If you have found a link to one of my kits on the old forum, look through the available kits on this forum to see if I have posted a re-up or a replacement.

All of my kit have non-percussion basses (NP). Therefore, I am no longer including NP in the name of my kits. That’s what’s up!

Finally, see this:

Hey Phil,

I have the latest BB Mgr. version and also firmware installed (did so yesterday to ensure that all is as current as avail.).

Horrible = cheesy sounding. Organ single note lines, no sound at all etc. Like an extremely cheap midi sounding version you would finds on online backing tracks.

Most of the NP Kits or the kits starting with NP I don’t have and don’t know where to go to find them i.e. NP Standard Bass Pro or NP Standard, NP Jazz Upright, NP Electric Jazz Trio, NP Standard Pro Bass, NP Bosendorfer Jazz, NP BIG Bose Jazz and then many not titled NP i.e. ModSuperbassG, STAX Piano 4 Part, STAX O’SAX 4 Part, etc. I do have some of the kits names that are close but not the same i.e. STAX O”SAX “2” instead of “4 Part”

All of my kits are active with the box checked.

Can you provide a link to your kits?

You da bestest!


Opps sorry did not see your “finally…” section. That is where I got most of the kits that I have added - so thx for that.

Most of what you are looking for is there. ModSuperBassG is one of AashiDeacon’s kit, and there is a link in the message chain above.

The songs sound like cheesy midi, because they mostly are cheesy midi. Were driving a sound set limited to 100mb out of device never intended for anything other than drums. We don’t have anywhere close to the full range of midi commands available to us to manipulate notes. Note on, note off, velocity. That’s it.

Thx Phil, I understand. Wasn’t intending / meaning to disrespect or slight anyone nor their efforts to compose.

My biggest challenge now is to figure out which alternative kits to use in place of the Pro and also what I don’t understand is the kit description extensions like 0-31 vs. 62-91 of the exact same kit name.

Appreciate all that you guys do and the patience you extend for the betterment of our craft and community!


0-31, 62-91 etc, are telling the user where the bass in located in the kit. We can map instruments anywhere in the 128 midi locations, corresponding to C -2 up through G8. Core drums, like kick, snares, Toms and cymbals are assigned to 35 through 59. Early BB bass kit developers used 63 through 91. When I started developing 3 and 4 piece kits, to give a full (cheesy) backing band, I starting putting bass at 0 through 31, since it made sense to me to have the bass in the lower end of the midi range. This also then left the Latin drum spaces at 60 through 82 available for the Latin drums, and still provided a moderate range for a keyboard. I then later expanded keyboard down to as low as 60 for when Latin drums weren’t needed, giving a larger keyboard range. When occasions arose for the need of bass, drums, keys and something else, I tried to make due with a 3 octave keyboard and space for 2 plus octaves of the extra instrument.

On my replacement 3 piece kits, I am now using a tag to indicate where the keyboard starts in a kit, I.e. 72+C1. This means the lowest keyboard note is found at midi 72, and it is a C1.

I hope that helps. All of this has already been posted on this Forum, but it is very difficult to find a prior post on the Forum.

For Standard Pro with Bass, try either of the sub-Standard 62-91 kits.


Appreciate the detailed explanation Phil! Top notch.