Motherless Child (Jam versions, Harpy and Harp-free) re-up - Blues - Eric Clapton

The Clapton song starts with a very minimalist arrangement. There is little to guide one if going strictly by that piece. Is starts as guitar only (a Capo 4, 12 string tuned to Open G), with a simple 4 on the floor bongo beat. I opted to add a very minimal bass part to this for some harmony and guidance. At the beginning of v.2, a full bass part enters, along with additional durms - tambourine and a snare.

I have two arrangements here, Harpy and Harp-Free. This old, not so simple 17, yes 17 bar blues, seemed like a good place to use my Blues Harp kit. For the Harpy arrangement, I have taken some liberties with the guitar part found on the midi and brought them over to the harmonica.

FYI the 17 bars are as follows: B,B,E,E,B,B,B,B,E,E,B,B,B,F#,F#,B,B.

The vocals start on the pickup to the first E measure.

Note that the “Intro” part is the same for both versions. The Harpy arrangement has harmonica in the jam and outro sections.

For the Harp Free version, use any of GarryA’s “Rock with Bass and …” kits. Just make sure to use one of Garry’s and not the original Rock with Bass, as the bass is mapped differently. For the Harpy arrangement use my NP P-Bass and Blues Harp. Please remember to use both BB outputs with that kit, as the harmonica is panned right with the bass, and the drums are panned left.

The package includes the BD - Bass and Drums version, and the BDH - Bass Drums and Harmonica .sng files. Midi parts files are included for both arrangements, as is the original midi, which, in the end was not use for much, as it had no bass and the drums were very incomplete. I did use it for the harmonica part. Also, there is a plain text and a pdf version of the chords and lyrics. As a new OnSong user, I know the plain text is a lot more useful for making a chart.

Download Here