Mute/unmute AOL?

I was waiting for , but it’s not what I hoped
or maybe I’m wrong
I try a lot of different commands , but cannot have the feature I wanted. I mean this one:

If I have the first track on the Part 2 muted
I play the part 1
I change from part1 to part 2 and when I see the part 2 coming ,I want to unmute the first track
So that when the part 2 is playing , It’s playing with the track 1 unmuted(this track was muted)

Is this possible in 6X6?
It’s working in 2X2 but need to unmute on the Aeros and not the Maestro?
I cannot have this working like I explain


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Hey there, the Aeros cannot mute a track in part it is not currently in. It’s possible this is only half working or working in particular cases, like you mention, but it is not supported as a behavior.

This is not possible because the Aeros needs an updated system that can handle this type of muting events (among other more complex behaviors) to support this capability, it likely will not be possible for some time, as this could take a whole release (1-2 mos typically, though we always shoot for 1) worth of effort to get done.

That being said, it is relatively soon on the roadmap.

Thanks for your feedback!

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Thank you
Could be fine to add this features soon!

Do you think SS would be able to defer the Mute command until (n) milliseconds after the part has changed? I’m thinking that once the system knows the next part is coming, any Mute commands issued will wait until after the part change occurs. That would mean there would be some number of milliseconds of audio playing on the track before it’s muted, but maybe if it was only a few milliseconds it wouldn’t be so bad.

That’s possible in 2X2 mode, you can change the part and unmute before
But only with the looper switches

It is not that simple unfortunately

Maybe there is a misunderstanding. I was able to test it just now externally with a MIDI Controller on a 6x6 song. I programmed it to mute track 5 exactly 1 clock pulse after the part change. Worked great. Didn’t even hear a transient on the track I was muting. Would you like a video?

This seems more like a MIDI Maestro function and I cannot say we would do this, you could make a request.

Having the Aeros hold a value over time means memory, I don’t believe we are intending to look into something like that and will handle it as planned with a logic that is not a workaround.

Ah, I think I understand, the devs will directly manipulate the meta information for the part prior to the transition, or something similar? I’m wondering why it’s reported to work in 2x2 but not 6x6 though. The feature is just already there in 2x2?

yes , I wanty to see that

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Sure. One thing to note is that I was able to do this because my MIDI Controller is also the Master Clock and it knows the Time Signature and where the beginning of a bar is. I altered it to execute the command on a specific clock pulse in relation to the part change over. I did this only to show the concept would work, thinking it would be easier to implement within Aeros itself. It can’t be done reliably from a normal type of MIDI Controller.

I’m also now thinking I should make this ability part of the controller’s preset configuration. A year ago I wanted a song to mute like this and I gave up. That was before I made this controller. I’m glad this thread came along and reminded me.

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Interesting to see it’s possible in 6X6
Nice video

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This is a killer idea and good to read that it could be soewhere on the roadmap @BrennanSingularSound . Thanks to @NYHC for suggesting it.

First of all: thanks for your great work on this product. It’s a fantastic looper, thanks to your willingness to listen to us users - and the ability to make the nescessary improvements.
So: Will we be able to mute/unmute across a transition? This thread seems to also touch upon this issue.
I use the Midi Maestro, but fail to see any commands to mute/unmute tracks in a different part than the one I’m in.
So what I need is the ability to “mute/unmute track x in part x”.

Unfortunately, this is not a simple change and we may never do it.

We understand this is not likely what you wanted to hear but it is too costly to get very few specific features for the corner cases that arise.

It is still on the backlog, but just to be honest here!

We call the logic that would need to be added to support this behavior as “A+B”

Meaning the ability to hold two states into account at the same time to get a C result, like current part vs transitioning to a part + muting.

I understand the difficulty.
In then mean time, I use the following workaround:
Say I want to play:
*Part 1 all tracks
*Part 2
*Part 1 with track 3 muted
*Part 1 all tracks
With mute settings EOL I mute Tr3 the first time I play part 1, and its cued up correctly for the 2nd round. When playing part 1 the second time, I unmute, and its cued correctly for the last repeat.
Kind of works …

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