My BeatBuddy PedalBoard

I mounted BeatBuddy and Footswitch and Boss Volume Pedal to 3/8" plywood and added a 2x3 heel support block. Also added a block below the footswitch so the toe height is even with BeatBuddy. I used Gorilla glue for the wood to wood joints, and used Velcro to secure the pedals to the wood. (I could not get the Velcro to stick to the rubber on bottom of BeatBuddy and Footswitch, even tried rubber cement. So I trimmed the rubber base sheets back so I could attach Velcro to the metal base.) In the end it all worked out very nice and provides a good road-worthy pedalboard.

Mine is still a work in progress:



Nice pedal-board. I use a separate amp for the BB and guitar. Actually sometimes 3 (small) amps: one for BB, one for mag PUPs signal chain, and one for GR-55. So I’ve got a collection of home-brew plywood pedal boards. Rock on!

Here is my board and schematic

Mine… I precise I’m a bass player, and all my pedals are drived by my MacBookPro. So I’m waiting for the software with impatience :slight_smile:

Lots of interesting posts, showing guitar, and bass pedalboards, with BB added. My approach is to keep the BB on a separate small amp, dedicated signal chain, and its own pedal board, so anyone in our band can “play” it.

And I have a couple different guitar pedal boards, depending on which guitar I’m playing, i.e. with hex-midi pickup or not. So keeping the BB pedal board (and signal chain) separate from my guitar effects works best for me.

For me, the essential thing about my simple BB pedal board is the heel block which makes it so much more comfortable to hit the pedal and switches, and makes my timing more accurate. For instance, I like to carefully time the fills, to start on a down beat. The other thing that helps me a lot is the volume pedal. It really helps make the drum volume just right.

The next thing I want to add is an expression pedal to vary the tempo, on the fly while playing a song.

emacnevin: at least part of my acoustic board is going to be like yours. BB with footswitch, Boomerang and M9. I have more than a few pedalboards, so I started to lay it out today. Man, it’s wide. How wide is your board? I ended up pulling an old NYC Pedalboard out of my gear closet and I think it will work well with the M9 on a second level. I may leave my current board intact for gigs where I wouldn’t use the BB.

I ended up today buying the IKEA Gorm solution 30- 3/8 x 20- 1/8. I painted it black and added some handles. … #/30213712[/url] & … dal-board/ It is big and heavy but I am happy with how it ended ip with room to grow if needed. Not sure how I will protect and transport it yet. I also secured the underneath wiring of the board with these. Zip ties and these adhesive zip anchors at home depot: [url=,or.r_qf.&tch=1&ech=1&psi=wM9NVPDrA8ffoASXlICABg.1414385600453.3&ei=yM9NVJeqMc_loASXyoG4Ag&ved=0CMQCEKYrMAw] … MQCEKYrMAw

Interesting Mike, which pedal is your volume pedal and do you have it set up to just regulate the volume of your BeatBuddy

As an admitted Gear Junky and Gasaholic, hi my name is John - I’ve been an addict for 5 years now, I’m digging this post. Keep 'em coming guys! (Mine will be posted soon.)

I hate wires

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That is clean - what do you use the floor TC unit for? What have you got going on the rack next to it?

The blue one is a TC helicon voice play live vocal FX processor. The mic board hold a Mackie 402 VLZ4. I use that to have vocals, guitar & beat buddy volumes and setting at my finger tips- plus it’s a DI box. I can line out to a big mixer or direct into powered speakers. The AKAI MPX8 is for finger drums and loading samples to play. The RP70 is now gone but I sometimes used is drum machine.

Its always an evolution.

I have this one :

it’s not my main PB, but a simple PB to use as a “notepad”, something to record ideas very quick to re-use later on other gear.
BB and EHX looper are MIDI sync, and all sounds are mixed on the looper mixer to out on phones (stereo) or monitor.

Best Regards from France,

…So I’m waiting for the software with impatience :slight_smile:

I’m quite impatient for the Mac version of the manager software also. Seems that with the popularity of the Mac among musician/creative types it should have been developed in parallel with the Windoze version.

The only useable Macs are made by McDonalds. And even they aren’t so useable to me, as I am allergic to sesame.

Note: My opinion may not match with those of BeatBuddy creators.

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Sorry but after 30 years in IT in a Micro$oft WindBlows world, I only use Apple products at home. I leave problems at work.
Besides everything is intergrated in the apple world, iphones, mac, ipad, and apple tv… and yes I even run Winxp inside for those rare occasions i feel a bit masochistic.

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OK updated finalized my board and updated diagram. I am very happy with the result and how it sounds. Operation one man band complete.

Ok I got my boss volume pedal today to complete my setup. I can use it to control the volume from the looper to the amp, or better yet to control the beatbuddy so it can be louder or softer throughout a song.

I also bought color coded cables so I can easily tell what they are on sight, I was going nuts with all black cables. So far so good. The setup includes a boss rc300 the beatbuddy, helicon harmonizer, Berlinger Di box. Boss fu6 buttons and the boss volume pedal
All go to the yamaha 102 mixer then it goes to the looper as input then out to the amp.

It’s all tucked under ny hed and I can slide it out when I needed. I bought all 10ft cables between the pedal board and the mixer so its less clutter for my room. I made the pedal board from wood, industrial Velcro and gorilla ducl tape all for 25? Beats getting one for 150! I put black lace handles on the side to pickup as neede. It’s 36" x 16" oh the mixer has the mic stand attachment so it’s at waist level.