My beatbuddy's IC board has give up

Now we finally found out why my beatbuddy won’t power on. We open him up. It’s not my adapater cable. It’s the main IC board.

Anyone here knows how to fix this?my electrician said, it needs a new replacement/spare ic board.

Should i try look for the available parts?or buy used beatbuddy on ebay.


If it is truly broken and it’s still under warranty, you should contact Support.

If it’s out of warranty, you are taking your chances buying a used one. Don’t know if Singular’s having a Black Friday sale but that might be worth waiting for. You can also check Reverb or TGP to see if anybody has one for sale.

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Reach out to them even if it is out of warranty. They may be able to help either way, and it costs you nothing to ask.

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I repaired one, I fried it with a wrong power adapter. The little chip on the IO board was defektive.
It’s the D9328, here is a typical schematic of the chip, but it is the same on the BB IO board.
For the replacement of this chip you need advanced soldering skills. I ordered the chip at Aliexpress, they are real cheap. The BB uses 9 volts in stead of 12 volts. with the IO board I mean the small boad on top with the red and black wires of the power soldered to it.


Sir thank you very much for your help. I appreciate it alot.
I can’t seem to find it on ali express. Can you please share the link? My beatbuddy is already out if warranty so it really needs a repair in the shop. I’m a full time musician and it really helps me alot on the gig.

Thank you very much again :pray::pray::pray:

One parts retailer I use is Mouser, but you’d like likely get hit with a sizable shipping cost that well exceeds the part cost.

Have not used Aliexpress, but may bookmark them for future needs…


I see MarkF48 has already posted a link.
There might be something else wrong with your BB, Singular sound does give a very good discount on a new one if you write them what happend to yours. That’s also worth a try. Shipping of components from China can take a while.

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Thank you Sir @MarkF48 :pray::pray::pray:. Thanks for the link that you provide. Appreciate your help. I will try my luck and hope this will fix my beatbuddy.

Thank you Sir @renevmind … they already responded to my email. They offered me discounts if i bought a new one.

But still i need to save alot in order to buy a new one. Covid 19 sucks. The Pandemic here is affecting our jobs. I Needed the beatbuddy for online gig/show. To earn extra in times like this.

I will wait and try my luck on the ali express for the parts. That’s the only option i can afford for now.

Appreciate all your help guys. Thank you very much. :pray::pray::pray:

Hi there,
I have the same problem, my BB just died so I suspect a power surge, I am very interested to try a repair as buying a new one now would be too expensive.
Where on the BB is this chip located and do you think it may be an easy repair job for a novice?
Thank u

Check out Sir @MarkF48 replies. It’s very informative and helpful.

Hey there,

Definitely also reach out to and see if they can do anything for you,

Hope you can get that fixed!

Like Brennan says, contact singularsound. Repairing this, for a novice is quite the challenge. You need a hot air soldering unit for SMD components, you also need a magnifying glass of some of a kind, because it is all very small. The component is located on the IO board, the same board were the power leads are attached to. Don’t try to desolder the chip with a normal soldering iron, the solderpads are very delecate.
Better to find someone who has experiance in SMD board repairs.
See the picture for the location on the board.


I’ve done electronic repair for better than 50 years (pretty much nothing but tubes/valves when I started :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) and I’ve got decent soldering requirement, but SMD is just something I really avoid. Takes a steady hand, good eyesight with magnification, and a more specialized type of soldering gear as renevmind spoke of. Better off paying someone that does this frequently. The other risk is if someone does replace it, another component downstream from the power regulator chip may have a problem that was the cause of the original failure, so the replacement could fail as well and without a proper set of schematics it would be difficult for someone to troubleshoot. Maybe not what you want hear, but a replacement through Singular is really the best option. The cost for an experienced tech to put it on the bench and do repair will likely be right up there in cost as well.


Thank you, very informative

Thank u

Before giving up on the unit, it may be worth trying the firmware restoration using the flash drive image as is described on this forum (sometimes necessary if power is lost during a firmware upgrade). When the unit is in this condition, it looks completely dead, but the firmware restoration will bring it back to life. Recently I purchased a Beatbuddy on ebay that was listed for parts only as it had no signs of life whatsoever, but the firmware restoration fixed it, and it has worked great ever since.

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If you google the chip you should be able to find it. If you do, do not try to unsolder the old chip, just take a small side cutter and snip of the tangs as close as possible to the chip. You should now have tangs sticking out of the board. Just solder the new chip tangs to the old chip tangs, noting the orientation. This is a much easier process and prevents one damaging the board, especially if it is multilayer.
Hope this helps you.

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The chip is soldered to the board for thermal reasons, look at the schematics.

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If there is thermal issue, use foil to pad it. The schematic does not show heat conductance.