My shared Beat Buddy kits

I have created a new folder on my Dropbox called Beat Buddy Forum Shared kits. I’ll use this to house kits that I share on the Forum (duh!). The first kit will be posted shortly. I will not immediately be reposting all of the other kits, as I am reworking them for various quality issues that impact their usability for me. Hopefully, Singular comes through soon with their space for posting kits. If they do, I would be much more inclined to just repost the old kits, since they won’t be using my limited PAID space.

The first kit I am posting is SUB-Standard Pro. It is both a substitute for Standard Pro, and, likely, not quite 100% as good as standard pro. I tried, but best you spend your shekels to get Goran’s kit. I will, however, be using this kit as the basis for Sub-Standard Pro with Bass, which will be the sharable version, without asking me, of Standard Pro with Bass. That kit should be up tomorrow, certainly not later than the end of the week, and it will have both 0-31 versions and 63-91 versions.

Also in the works is a second version of this Sub-Standard Pro kit. The version being posted today is called Sub-Standard Pro Plain. This was made by recording my alternate drum kit source material in Logic Pro X at the velocity levels used as cross-over points in Goran’s kit. If you find this kit to be too quiet, you may want to wait for the other version, which will use wav files that were first recorded at the Goran velocities, but then normalized at various loudness levels. For example, wavs that were intended to be used up to velocity 127, are normalized at 90%, velocity 113 is 85%, 107 is 80%, etc. This may throw the whole kit out of whack, or it may end up very good. YMMV. Feel free to adjust instrument volume levels to your liking. I know I will.


Thanks in advance, Phil!

Thanks for the work and help with kits Phil!

Are these drum kits still around. Is there a link to the dropbox?

The drumkits are all in Resources>Drumkits. After my original post, Singular came through with Dropbox space for the kits. If there is something particular that you are looking for that is not in Resources, let me know and I’ll see if I have it.

Hi Phil
I’m trying to find beats to some popular songs. I do a lot of looping and am loving my Aeros and BB. I have the premier collection but if you have beats that you have assigned to certain songs. Not sure if you could share them with me. As a medical Dr I just don’t have time to look through the whole collection. Just asking.

For looping, I suggest you check out this collection:

awesome files!! Cant find drmw/organ kit. Though that would be cool

Search for Hammond.

Found it! Whiter Shade of pale is in my mix now! And now I can have some organ with my worship beats!!Thanks brother!!!

Don’t know if you are aware, but there is a BB Worship music group on Facebook. Might be worth checking out, if you haven’t done so already.


Thanks I’ll check that out.