Need Help Learning How To Program My Own DOP

This is a complete newbie question, especially since I’ve been enjoying my BeatBuddy for over a year. Where would I learn how to create my own DOP songs so I don’t have to pester other posters to provide beats? I’ve bought a couple of packages and numerous individual songs from Singular Sound (which are great) and have relied heavily on the generosity of other posters for their talent (thank you Persist in particular). I think I have all the gear I need–just don’t know how to use it. In addition to the BeatBuddy and foot switch I have a PreSonus interface and DAW. Can anyone point me to some resources to provide tutorials etc so I can learn how to create my own beats for songs? Really need to start at the beginning. Thanks in advance for the help.

This might get you started. I no longer use PreSonus so I can’t help you with the exact steps but Parts 1 and 2 of the Reaper Tutorial notes r1 will give you the general idea of the process for drums.
Reaper tutorial notes (5.0 KB)
I’ve included the source file for your song.
Source (9.6 KB)

Persist’s tutorial on how to do it Reaper:

My tutorial on how to do it in Logic Pro X:

Creating a Beat Buddy file from a