Need help selecting BB songs with BandHelper or SLM

Hi all. I’ve had my new BB pedal for about a week (firmware - 2.0.4) and as yet I’ve had no luck getting it to respond to song change messages from either BandHelper or Set List Maker. I think I’ve ruled out interface and cables - I’m using an iConnectiMIDI1 which I can confirm works fine with my keyboard, both MIDI IN and OUT. I also bought a 2nd BB MIDI breakout cable. Neither of those helped.

So this is what I’ve done, and I would greatly appreciate if somebody would tell me whether I’m going about this the right way.

I’ve connected things like this -
iPad running BandHelper (or SLM) > iConnectMIDI1 MIDI Out > BB breakout cable IN
I created a MIDI preset on BandHelper as follows:
MSB | LSB | Program Change
0 | 0 | 0

(**Checking BandHelper’s MIDI Activity Log, I can see notes generated by BB when it’s playing. So I know there is MIDI output from BB. The only thing I’m not seeing is any response from BB to MIDI IN.)

From what I understand, that should call up the first song in the first folder, right? (I have 3 folders on the BB.) Or is that wrong?

When I test BandHelper’s MIDI preset, the MIDI Status Activity log shows this:

[B]sending data to all ports

Thanks in advance for any help you can give! I’m psyched about this pedal and anxious to get it integrated with my set up.

I use bandhelper. I’ll try to attach a screen shot of my setup so you can compare. There are midi settings to set in the general setting area as well. I’m on the train right now so when I get home I will try and get back to the forum

I should add that I went to the BandHelper/SetList Maker site and read through Arlo’s (dev) thread on selecting BB songs with BH/SLM.

I’m wondering if BB’s MIDI jack is broken? I will say that I can see MIDI messages from BB using the iPad app MIDI Wrench. And again I’m seeing BandHelper’s Activity Log showing that a message has been sent.

jstrausss, that would be quite awesome. Thanks!

*I actually tried to check one of your earlier posts where you put up screenshots of your settings, but I guess there was some kind of glitch in the forums that wiped out a lot of things like that.

Have you sent a message to arlo? If not send something. He helped me out a lot in the beginning

Still o. The train unfortunately

I may do that, send a message to Arlo. I read through and followed his tutorial on how to set up BB w/ Band Helper to do song selection. Seemed pretty straightforward. Apparently he was given a BB pedal so he could test it out with his app, and so he wrote up what he learned including things like to do song selection, tempo settings, and event triggers.

You seemed to have done all the research. I wondering if it is a cable issue

I tried to rule that out, I think I have, anyway, by replacing the BB breakout cable. I know that my iConnectMIDI1 cable/interface works because I’m getting data in an out when I use it with my keyboard. And, I actually can see data coming from BB in BandHelper (MIDI Status Activity Log - MIDI notes, I assume), so I’m beginning to suspect the pedal itself.

Richo, what are the MIDI settings on your BB pedal?

Just to get it up and running, I’ve tried these:
]channel 2 or All (Omni)
[]Notes On (probably doesn’t matter in this case?) - enabled
]Notes OFF - ignored
[]Control Change - enabled
]Channel 1
[]Sync - Always On
]Notes - disabled***
[*]Time Sig - enabled
***I know I stated earlier that I could see notes coming into BandHelper. That was true, but I’ve since disabled notes out. In any case, I believe it doesn’t matter for what I’m trying to do. Again, if I have that wrong, please correct me. I’m still kind of a MIDIot at this point. :slight_smile:

Mine is set as follows and I’ve never had bb issues like this…I’m using a Yamaha MD-BT01 with sync cable to an iPad 3 on iOS 9.3.5

First in BB try to reset all midi settings. Then…

System Real Time, sync disable, start enable, stop enable
Channel 1
Note on enable
Note off ignored
CC enabled (and every individual CC codEs enabled too)

Output type: MIDI-OUT
Channel 1
Sync disable
Start main beat
stop pause and end
Notes enable
Next part (cc 102) enable
Time signature enable

In bandhelper settings under Audio and MIDI…
Receive in background ON
Send presets together ON
Both delay settings at 1.2s
MIDI thru ON
Preset order (shouldn’t matter)

Then under repertoire in midi devices set up a BB device with
Port all
Channel 1
Numbering 0-127
Users all
Active ON

Create a test preset with program change values 0/0/1 (I.e. blues/blues2 from default project)
Back in and out of the preset menu to force save
Click midi icon top right and make sure device is connected
From preset menu tap the midi icon at side of preset
You should see this sent in the midi log if you tap the MIDI icon again top right

Would also suggest when attaching preset to a song and adding to a set list, ensure that the layout you use has the setting to send MIDI on song selection.

That’s it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if your iConnect device is the issue as you have already tried different cables.


PS: you could also try the free MIDI Wrench app to test sending some simple messages

Thank you, Chris. I’m at a gig right now so I’ll give it a try when I get home. Very much appreciated. That’s a lot of detail!

Some users have reported success with MIDI Monitor:

This is a sample of one of the presets I have in bandhelper this should automatically bring up the ballad 1 BEAT that came with your BB pedal. If it dosnt Then check your midi setting in the bb pedal as the others have posted

Thanks, Chris. I put it on my iPad a couple days ago.

Hey Chris - I gave this a try, the whole thing (very nice btw and thanks again) - reset MIDI, then went right down your list in order. Unfortunately, BeatBuddy still won’t respond to song change messages. I suppose it could be the iConnect device, but I can send program change messages to my keyboard (PX-5S) with it so I’m not sure that doesn’t rule it out as the problem. I have 3 breakout cables - Sweetwater sent me a replacement and I bought a spare - and none of them make a difference. I wonder if I should re-flash the pedal? Because I’m thinking it has to be the pedal.

Thanks, persist - I just installed it. I’ll give it a look tomorrow night. Gotta get some sleep. Work tomorrow.

Ok so I thought if you followed exactly what someone else had working that would at least rule out a config error.
My other thoughts are to check versions of things. I am using iPad 3, iOS 9.3.5, bandhelper 3.2.10, Beatbuddy firmware 2.0.4

My initial thinking was the iConnect because that is the only different device you have to me, but if proven working with your keyboard and you tried different sync cables already it Is maybe sounding like the BB pedal at fault. Seems strange though that it would send MIDI and not receive it.

As an alternate test, could you maybe try attaching BB pedal to your keyboard and have the keyboard send a program change to the BB?