Need help understanding the song Matching tool

In the song Matching tool, do we select the Genere in the far right column or the genere/song listed under the BEAT column?

example 7 nation Army, if I select ROCK, then I can’t find Tango under song.

I;m confused.

The song matching tool is not a tool. It is a collection of songs with a suggestion, what beat you can use for that song with the tempo. Nothing more than that.

You are understanding it correctly. The genre normally is the default library Folder that you would find the beat. However, in this case is appears that it’s not correct. The only Tango I can find is in the World folder, not the Rock folder.

Hey there, this is because of a terminology issue,

The Beat column is listing BeatBuddy songs (that sometimes use the names of genres) that can be used with the song in the left-most column

There is no song called “Tango” this is likely why nothing comes up. We likely would have any “tango” song in the Latin or World genre.