New BeatBuddy Firmware (3.2.0 "A New Look!")

NEWER Firmware Version Here: New BeatBuddy Firmware (3.6.0 "The Bug Zapper")

Hi Everybody!

I’m happy to announce a new version of the BeatBuddy firmware.

New BeatBuddy Firmware (3.2.0 “A New Look”)

New Visual Interface

One of the main focuses of this update was to improve the visibility of key information at a glance. We really wanted to increase the pedal’s visual feedback during a live performance. With this in mind, we performed a complete visual overhaul of the BeatBuddy’s graphical interface. Here’s what’s changed:

  1. Added measure marker: Useful for knowing when a fill or transition is more than one measure long, as well as seeing where you are in long song parts. This is the dark box on the bottom of the screen that is moving left to right.
  2. Made fonts larger and centered (when not longer than the screen). There’s now a focus on the current part playing, which is the most important information you need while performing.
  3. Updated the pause, tempo and volume screen with new looks as well as an always active visual metronome, so you never lose track of the beat.

More MIDI Commands

We’re continuing to implement more functionality into the BeatBuddy in preparation for our upcoming pedals. These changes include:

  1. Separate Pause / Unpause message

  2. CC-111 data == 0 : pause

  3. CC-111 data == 1 : unpause

  4. CC-111 data >= 2 : toggle between pause and unpause

Other Changes

  1. Improvements to the memory management system
  2. Half/Double time now changes at the end of a measure
  3. Half/Double time mode resets when a new song is loaded

Bug Fixes

  1. Potentially fixed the “no audio” bug
  2. Fixed bpm screen that is always visible when changed by MIDI
  3. Fixed broken sleep mode
  4. Prevented useless bpm/tempo page popups

Download firmware here!


Is this an official release? The support web page has version 2.7. Is 3.2.0 just a beta or test release?

This is an official release. We’re updating our website now

Phew! Bug no.2 was really bugging me. Sometimes it’s just the simple things that make all the difference :slightly_smiling_face:

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Awesome. Great update. Excellent support.


Will this help adding bass guitar sounds to the drums also? Or are we waiting for a pedal to sync up with BB that plays bass and other instruments??

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The firmware update does not impact sounds in the drum kits. If bass or other instruments are in the kit, they will continue to work in perfect sync as they always have. Both the kit being used and the song being played must have been designed for drums plus bass. There are somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000 songs that have already been created for this, and something like 100+ drum kits for those songs. But, be aware, the kits are not generally interchangeable. Each song has a kit that it was designed to work with. Unless the kit itself has been updated or replaced it is best to use that kit. The songs and drum kits may be found in the Resources section of this forum.

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SRV and Firmware update, does not get better than this.
Really good you guys keep updating and improving the BeatBuddy.
Excellent product and excellent company :+1:


Thank you.

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Thanks to Singular Sound Team for keep updating your products, our gear and our sound!

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This is a great update - loving the new measure marker, larger song part fonts & new start & pause screen - huge UI improvement - superb solution!!

All the Best & keep the great stuff coming :sunglasses:

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Question. if you hit a fill shouldn’t it be part of the Pattern / measure and not restart the part from the beginning?
part = /- - - - /- - - -/- - - -/- - - -/
How is is working.
/- - - -/- f start at the beginning /- - - - /- - - -/- - - -/- - - -/
So your are extending the part.

Shouldn’t work this way?
/- - - -/ - - - -/ - f - -/f f - -/ (The part remains the same length?)

PS: love the new look much better.


Hello, I don’t understand, how to do it on the mac. I unzipped the update, but when I drag the folders to the window on the sd-card, like discribed in the video, there are only these new folders in the list of the sd-card, but nothing is overwritten and changed.

You’ve unzipped the firmware zip file, and you’ve copied the files (*.bin etc) to the top level of the SD card. The new files are not visible? Perhaps your SD card is locked. Would you mind posting an image of the SD card contents?


Thanks for the quick answer. I’ve seen now that I only missed the last step. I was confused because there was no question if the old data should be overwritten. Putting the sd-card into the beat-buddy was the only thing I had to do. Some people do always need more time - I’m one of them :slight_smile:

Thanks, beat-buddy is fine now.


thank you, great job
it’s a fabulous machine for a guitarist like me who does not play in a formation.
I’m always looking for more information to be able to increment the BB with the rc 300 of boss
thanks again to the whole team .


idem pour moi oups same for me

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Good question. I noticed the same issue while trying out this new version.
In general the update is great.

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This is actually how the BeatBuddy has always worked. You just notice it now because you see the measure marker :wink:

We decided to make it work this way because often musicians will do a bunch of fills to ‘break it down’ and afterwards it sounds more musically correct to start the groove from the beginning, rather than where you would have been without the breakdown – which sometimes sounds musically weird if it comes in at the end of the groove after a few fills.

Both methods are valid, but we found that this method gives you more flexibility from an improvisation perspective.