New Computer New Problems and Solutions

For anyone purchasing a new Mac with OS Ventura here are some problems I encountered and solutions:

  1. The new OS will consider BBM malware and not open it. This happened before and the solution is to “override malware protection”. Find the BBM app in the applications folder, right click on it, choose “get info” which will open a window with all the information on the app. Check the box with label “override malware protection”. You will have to enter your administrative password to accomplish this. A screenshot of the window is below
  1. After I got the BBM to open it did so without any data and wouldn’t find or load the appropriate files. I closed the app and opened it again and this time (and since then) it will open normally just as it did on my older mac running Catalina.

I believe there is a reason Persist chose the name he did.


I ran into that when I upgraded my Mac to Ventura. Same solution as you posted worked. Was a bit scary to allow malware, but I had done a complete system backup prior to the install. God 's in His heaven-All 's right with the world! :wink: