NEW FEATURE: Manual for MIDI Maestro!

Probably not the right forum, but guys, c’mon: We need a LOT more info on the MIDI Maestro!

  • What does it do?
  • Can you give us a demo?
  • What devices does it specifically support (like maybe Atomic’s AA3??)
  • How does it work?

I need – NEED!!! – more!


I still need more. David? Jay? Bueller? Bueller?


I forwarded David this post (as well as your other submissions inquiring about the Maestro and the looper). We are in the process of gathering together all the info that will be presented when it comes to introducing the Maestro and the looper. The Maestro will be presented first, as that will be ready before the looper. The details about the looper will most likely be within in a few months’ time, and will definitely be worth the wait.

We are going to change the product page of the Maestro to be more detailed and informative. We plan to create a demo video talking about it briefly (all the key points and how it will benefit everyone fully answering the “WHAT EXACTLY IS THIS?” question) as well as a more detailed video showing its use in a lot more detail and in depth some time after that. I cannot currently give an exact date or timeline as to when this will all be ready, as there are many factors involved.

We are not ignoring you (or anyone else here). We simply want to answer only when we have the information organized and expressed (written as well as verbal) in a coherent simple manner. :slight_smile:

I would never say you are ignoring me, Jay – my experience with you guys is way better than would allow me to think that – I’m just anxious for some details. :slight_smile:
Thanks VERY(!!!) much for getting back to me (us?) with some news. Can’t wait to see more!


I have decided to take a chance on the folks at Singular Sound and pre-order a MIDI Maestro. They are offering precious little information on its capabilities, but they have proven they know how to do hardware, so it’s a calculated gamble, one that I believe (hope?) I’ll win.

But the universe abhors a vacuum, so, in the absence of any real information, to my friends at Singular, here are my two not-at-all-unreasonable requests:

Banks of presets to accommodate different performance scenarios:
I’d like to set up banks of six-button presets for each of my performance situations. For example, I might have one where the top three buttons drive my Atomic Amplifire AA3, and the bottom buttons drive the beat Buddy, one where all six buttons are dedicated to the AA3, and one just set up to drive lights.

I’m prepared to handle the MIDI programming, what I need is banks (or sets or pages – you choose what to call them) of presets that I can scroll through that reassign the buttons. And I’d like very much not to lose buttons for that control. Maybe a press-and-hold to toggle bank scroll mode? Your call on how you implement it, but I want it, and I don’t want to give up buttons to get it.

MIDI CONTROL over wireless, maybe Bluetooth?
It’d be very cool if I could tuck my pedalboard away by the mixer and control everything remotely from the Maestro with no more than a power cord plugged into it. I recognize I will need a Bluetooth receiver on the other end, but that’s not an issue.

Unless maybe you’d like to include a dedicated MIDI wireless receiver with the unit. That would be suh-weet!

See? Not so completely unreasonable.


Hi @JoeInOttawa, sorry for the late response. Thanks for trusting us and putting in your pre-order! :slight_smile:

To answer your questions:

  1. Bank of presets: Yes! You can plug in a Singular Sound footswitch into the Ext port, and the left button will be bank/page up and the right button will be bank/page down. That way you don’t need to dedicate a button just to get into a page for, say, tempo controls or whatever.

  2. MIDI Control over Bluetooth: This is a maybe. Our main focus out of the gate is to make the MIDI Maestro take the BeatBuddy to a whole new level. And we believe that most people will plug the Maestro into the BeatBuddy with a regular MIDI cable. However, if this feature would just need a firmware update, so if enough people request it, we can make this happen. So encourage all of your MIDI obsessed friends to get the MIDI Maestro and request this feature from us :wink:

Regarding a demo video, we need to add additional capabilities to the BeatBuddy firmware (mainly to support half time / double time and a few other things) before we can make a demo. But the main things we’re focused on regarding enhancing the BeatBuddy are:
[]Super easy hands free content navigation! No need to bend down and fiddle with the BeatBuddy while live on stage
]Song parts navigation: Go to any song part in any order.
[]Single tap commands: No need for hold/double press commands.
]Live tempo control: Instant half/double time, incremental (up/down 1, 2 or 5 BPM with a tap), continuous control with expression pedal
[]Multiple different accent hits: Play the drums with your feet!
]Advanced features: Fully customizable with app – rearrange buttons, choose different commands, works with other devices easily and compatible with any device that uses MIDI CC commands.
Any other questions? I can’t say that we will have ALL answers right now, but I’ll do my best.

Hi David , here’s a random Q
some sections of files (intro, main, fills, outro ) in BB don’t always have the right tempo’s when loaded into the sng’s
The pedal plays the tempo alright , but, the BBmgr will play the tempo the author put it in the folder as.
eg …( song @ 165bpm, loading fill as DAW default 120)
I’m guilty of this …making a song & reviewing only to return & fix the tempo, IF I catch it b4 publishing to the forum.
Will this be an issue moving fwd regarding tempo changes?

Sounds great thanks for the info

+1 for having The Maestro for Midi control over Bluetooth! I hear ya on your main focus but I for one have pre-bought this because of its promise as a general midi foot controller for all things (including Beatbuddy)

Okay, MIDI Maestro fence-sitters and all you 1127+ folks who already bought the pedal (the counter seems to be stuck, but if only 1127 of us ask for it, that should be enough, right?), here’s my challenge/encouragement: If you want the MM to do MIDI over Bluetooth – i.e., WIRELESS MIDI!! – it’s time to start “Plus-One”-ing this post. Who would NOT want to have just this small, pretty, and uncluttered device as the only thing at their feet when playing live? No extra cables, just this?

Start plus-one-ing…



And thanks very much, David, for getting back to us!


That is an odd bug… we’ll look into it.

I totally hear you. We do want to make this the best MIDI controller, period. And we have every intention of adding this capability. There’s just a possibility that it won’t come right out immediately, that’s all. But thank you for your vote! :slight_smile:

I can confirm that I have also seen this problem in BB Mgr. I had an intro I recorded at 100bpm and the rest of the song at a faster 125 BPM. When I put the parts in BBM and set the tempo to 125, the intro recorded at 100 played back at 100, then the tempo jumped to 125 when it hit the parts recorded at 125.

This is a bug? I thought we wanted to be able to set the different parts in BBmanger to different tempo’s if we wanted to.

If you have a sudden influx of orders from people running Atomic AA3s who +1 the request for MIDI over Bluetooth, well, you DID ask for it.


Actually, a request, if it’s not too late: 7-pin MIDI In so we can power the pedal using a single cable, like the one from Rocktron ( midi cable).

If I had that, I wouldn’t need wireless MIDI (not right away, anyway).


Also on that topic, what are the power requirements? Looks like 9v, but DC, AC, or both? And current draw?


I’d order one today if I knew I could use the coupon code. :wink:

Umm, there’s a coupon code?

We don’t have plans to make it capable of being powered through the MIDI port – it seems like a rare use case (that rocktron cable is even out of stock…)

It’s 9v DC and draws around 200 mA - it will come with a power adapter like the BeatBuddy.

Nope… :wink: