New to this, need help: Discharge songs

Hey y’all. Just recently got the beat buddy and downloaded the software manager. I cant seem to figure this shit out though. ive been looking for user generated content on this new forum without any luck, the search bar seems useless. Also, the manager software doesn’t make a lick of sense to me. i’m looking to either make my own beats or find someone else’s to download. Can someone send me a good tutorial link? seems like i’m wandering around in circles here. Also also, I really just need some simple d-beat type beats ala bands like Discharge. Thanks!

Probably the best place to start is from here: BB manager Manual

I don’t think users are really willing to spend too much time guessing as to what might really scratch your itch for d-type beats. You can help us help you better if you would identify the Discharge song titles that you’re interested in.

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Songs could be “Nightmare Continues”, “New Word Order” , “Hatebomb”

Discharge one of my favorite band
You can use Hydrogen (free software to make your beats in a very easy way
Than export to midi and import in BB manager, choose your drumset and save your song
You can find a lot of tutorials about Hydrogen

I’ll see what I can do—sometime next week as an OPB.