New User can't get BBM to load on Mac Sierra 10.12.6

Everytime I try to download the BBM, My Mac says it wasn’t downloaded from the Apple Store or Apple doesn’t recognize the developer and my Apple security won’t allow the app to load. Bummer! Is there a way to get the app to load on my Imac? Help Please…

You can get it installed and opened. Here’s how:

  1. Download BBManager-
  2. Double-click on the file; you will be prompted to agree with the end-user agreement
  3. The image will mount and open in the Finder
  4. Drag the BBManager app to your Applications folder
  5. Drag the bbworkspace folder to your Documents folder
  6. Go to the Applications folder
  7. Press and hold the control key and click on the BBManager app; a contextual menu opens
  8. Select and press Open; the BBM app should now open

If the app still does not open:

  • Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > select the General tab
  • Follow the method in the screen shot
  • Press and hold the control key and click on the BBManager app; a contextual menu opens
  • Select and press Open; the BBM app should now open

Thank You, this worked. Am i going to have to do this each time? I bought my BB hardley used conneted it to the mac to read the songs on the SD card. I downloaded the info to my documents folder. My next question is, will I have to have the BB plugged in each time I want to work on a song? It came with a few purchased song folders which I like and want to buy more. This gave me a little idea how the songs were created. A couple songs like Johnny B Goode and Moondance had some funky repetitive fast noise beats… Do you think these songs got corrupted when downloading? just curious…

You won’t have to go through the application permission procedure when you open the app again, if you have to download it again, or install an updated version, you might have to go through the procedure again.

Songs that sounds like they have noise may be using the incorrect drum kit for the song. Is there an asterisk in front of the kit name? If so, you don’t have the correct kit installed.

You should have been prompted to set up a BB Workspace when you started the application. If you did that, you don’t need the BB connected, or even have the SD card in an attached card reader.

If all this is foreign to you, you should read the available documentation.

Thanks Phil, I will read the documentation. It’s nice having someone like you around to keep it from being frustrating at first. Is this thing as popular as when it first came out. I see so many older post. I’m use to playing guitar with karaoke tracks and
currently trying to make my own drum patterns for me and a keyboard player. I like a lot of the premium drums tracks but naturally don’t have all the artist I like. Have you or do you like to use shared materials. I guess I’ll have to read up on that to find
out how that works too. Thanks Aagain, Tom

I make and use a lot of the shared material. The pedal still seems very popular. There is a lot of buzz around the upcoming Singular products, the Aeros looper and the Midi Maestro.

I find the Premium songs too difficult to use, with all of the various parts. I tend to use the One Press songs, or what I call jam versions, which are a modified one press, with just one looping section.

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Thanks Phil. I’m with you brother, the easier, the better… Where is the shared stuff at and is it easy to load?

Resources>Songs. Many are .zip files. Unzip. Then, from BB Manager use File>Import>Song. You will Import the .sng File.

Hey Phil, you were right about changing the drums on two of the songs. If I can ask one more question for the night. What do I do to ensure these changes are on the SD card and everything is saved? The BB is still plugged into the Mac. I really do appreciate your help. This has made getting started so much easier… and a better Saturday for me.

If you’re lucky, it’s File>Synchronize. If Synchronize is grayed out, as happens often on the Mac, it’s File>Export>Project to SD card. It will take several minutes, if you are using the BB as the SD card holder. As you Project gets larger (more drumkits) it will take longer. If you don’t have one already, get a USB SD card holder. When you start the Export process, go have a beer or practice a couple songs, But, for this first time, just use the BB as the card holder.

Sounds Great Phil, I owe you a Cold One!

I’ve just downloaded a bunch of old songs I Love. I’ll be spending a lot of time creating folders and song list to jam with. You’re making this fun for me. What is this OB? songs stand for? I saw these letters used…

Acronyms used for the BB Is there a guide to what OBPks and all those other Acronyms stand for listed anywhere?

If you download a bunch of drum kits, you’ll find that the stock 4GB card fills up rather quickly. 32GB is the largest that the BB can use, and I have not filled one yet, with 100+ kits, and 1000+ songs in my projects.

HI Phil, I was just thinking about emailing you because I think I did something dumb and I was going to try and fix it tomorrow. After I got started yesterday with the info you gave me (put the app in the app folder and the work space in the documents folder), I open the manager and started exploring some of the sounds. My first question the BB Manager asked was something about what drive to put files on or something like that. I looked on the Mac and couldn’t find the work space folder so I Created a Untilted folder in the apps folder which I believe the BB manager used. I downloaded several songs and imported them and played with them for a while and changed the drums on the track I had that were noisey. I went to file and used synchronized projects to the SD card and shut everything down yesterday. Well the changes I made weren’t on the card as well as the few songs I actually imported. Everything on the pedal was exactly the way it was before I started. When opening the Manager on the Mac, everything I imported and changes I made were still there. I guess creating the untitled folder was a no no, and I should have found the workspace folder in the documents folder or wherever it is. It wouldn’t hurt me to start over, but what would you suggest. Is it possible to move contents or just start over to be safe? Any tips would be appreciated. I’ll attack it again tomorrow morning. I been away from working on a computer for a while and I’m trying to get back in the saddle. I like things that are easy… This stuff can get a little hairy!

I don’t think having the folder be untitled caused the problem, but it’s not a good idea. Create a new folder in Documents, and call it BB Workspace. After that, never, and I mean NEVER, use the Mac’s OS to move, add or delete folders, songs, anything, for BB Manager. So, yeah, start over. I’ll give you the exact commands later on.

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Follow Persist’s instructions. That procedure works the best.

Hi Phil I don’t know if your there or someone else is that can help me. I’ve launched the BB manager again on my Mac and loaded the files off the SD card on my BB. A pop up window wants me to save the files on the computer.
This is where I ran into problems earlier. “Should I go to the BB workspace folder in my documents folder” open it up and call this project something? It wants me to give it a name. I’m a little confused here… Thanks for your help. I want to be able to edit
the stuff I have opened and be able to sycnonize the SD card as well.

Yes. The path you save the project to is bbworkspace/user_lib/projects.

Give it a simple name and do not use special characters. For example, name it tomboy01 and save to the path above. When it prompts you if you want to synchronize in the future, accept it.